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    Blogchatter Theme reveal A to Z challenge

      Blogchatter involves writing up a post daily leading to 26 posts a month. That itself seems fascinating and comes forth as a challenge for the bloggers around the globe.Gujarat is famous all over the planet for ample of things. Let it be food, clothes, people, business or place. Variety is the thing you will get to see when you visit this stunning place on earth. With augmentation in the earnings and women empowerment, more members of the family have started earning and it has resulted in more spending and as result standard of living has increased to a high level. With these comes luxurious holiday packages ones, the vacation…

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    4 places not to be missed in kumbalgarh

    Kumbalgarh is a beautiful, calm and serene place. You feel next to mother nature when you visit this place. It is full of greenery and hills. it is a beautiful town of forest that is nestled in hills. Lake located in between gives a wonderful form and hills and impressing fort built on hills leaves an impression on our minds.

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    Thank God Its Friday!

    Thank God Its Friday! Imported word! Isn’t it? In the vague of importing things we are importing things blindly without sieving it at all. I don’t understand the meaning of Thank God Its Friday! Yay! What does that mean? I question myself many a times. Do you live only after Friday? What do you do rest of the week? If you are not enjoying what you do for five days a week then why are you doing it? Don’t do it. Life is too short to do things you don’t like doing. Either start enjoying what you are doing, get involved, love your work or stop doing it entirely. I…

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    7 tips to increase concentration in kids

    Tips to increase concentration in kids Every parent comes forth with this interrogation, even though their child is topping the class. Children are blessings and we should appreciate them. In today’s era of antagonism, each parent wants their child to excel in not only studies but sports, or any other activities they come across. Schools and homes are no less than a battlefield for kids and their parents too. I have seen parents spending a thousand bucks behind a simple project of school just because they wanted their kid to stand out amongst others. Kids in this hassle of race have lost their concentration power and are lagging back. Here…


    A place where terrorists were blessed!

    Find me a place where God is not existent? Oh Well, to be theist or atheist is subjective choice, but bracing yourself up while your life still exist is something admirable. No one would have ever thought of blessing a terrorist in their entire life. Isn’t it? Akshardham is a temple constructed everywhere around the globe, but the one rooted in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad faced terrorist attack that no one would have ever thought of. This place is so mesmerizing that even non followers of God Swaminarayan would visit it ones for its hypnotic gorgeousness. It is maintained very well. It is inspired by Yogiji Maharaj and created by Pramukh Swami.…

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    Raising a child is not easy and with few points mentioned with the help of observation and experience will help parents to bring out utmost from their kids. Overpowering kids and bossing around with nurture not a kid but a rebel who will not only be aggressive but will rebel to be independent when time comes. So, you still have enough time for correction. Go for it.

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    When RaGa distributes INR 72000 and I will be next kaam wali bai

    Switched the TV on which I hardly do and the news channel popped up due to blessings of head of the family, who is a big fan of news channels. No big devotee of politics I rifled for remote which took a while as the remote stand in my house is just for ornamental purpose. “We will wipe out poverty from India. I promise there will be justice and poorest people will be given 72,000 each annually,” RaGa added. More masala with loud hammering bangs was repeated by my husband’s favorite reporter. Distributing money to the poor is good thing, I thought. On good occasions we normally do it. Especially…

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    How to make Watermelon mojito

    Looking at this hot summer thought of trying hands on mojito and watermelon being one of my favorite fruit utilized all of it present in my home. It can be made without any hustle and all it needs is just five ingredients. Summer is in full swing and this cool drink will definitely make you feel on top of the world. You can feel like you are having a glass of watermelon mojito in your hand sleeping and enjoying that beach with deep sea and blue waters around. Oh Well! You will have same feel! It is one of the interesting recipe and watermelon readily available in this season you…

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    Killing back pain during pregnancy

    One of the most common problems faced by females during pregnancy is back pain. There are n numbers of reasons to occur. It may start during the first trimester itself; however, most commonly it occurs with the start of the baby growth. It increases as your belly increases. Almost around 70 % of females suffer from back pain during pregnancy. However, you can get rid of them if you take certain precautions. Here are some potential reasons for back pain and techniques to solve them. Reasons for back pain Centre of gravity Improper posture Weight gain Stress Change in hormones Centre of gravity Center of gravity of body changes with…

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    Journey of motherhood

    An undefined word “mother” doesn’t have a start or the end. Right from the day of conceiving till the lady leaves the world, the word doesn’t lose its importance. Constant worry for the wellbeing of the one she brought into this world is another synonym of motherhood. Well, right from the day baby is conceived, the baby gets into touch with the one who carries her. Baby and mom Baby gets to know mother right from her womb. All she knows is the beating of the heart of her mum, music of the running blood and each and every sound her mother’s body makes. Baby is too much familiar and…

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    Ignoring the pregnant dad

    As a expecting dad though you wouldn’t be able to experience the literal symptoms of pregnancy , however there would be ample of tasks that you would be facing ones your wife is pregnant. Get ready for the roller coaster rider. It happens all the time that expectant mother gets all the attention and expectant fathers feel that they are ignored.  Though it is her who bears the baby but consequences are faced by both of them. There are various surprising symptoms for dads to be. You will experience situations that you have not faced before. Chilled nights, restless days and nights, heartburn and ample of fatigue are some of…

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    Oh that Goose bumps and fear on OT table

    It was half past nine in the evening and doctors confirmed, “We have to run a C section for you, that’s a umbilical cord round the neck and it is risky enough to go for natural birth. Not jeopardizing it any more, we will have to go for it”. When it comes to situation at risk, we have no other option than agreeing to what doctors say. So we confirmed and early morning was planned.  I was asked to quit food and water from night itself in order to go for c section early morning. Feelings when you get operated for the first time Feelings are awkward when you are…

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    F for Fatherhood

    Arrival of babies bring hectic work schedule not only for mothers but fathers too. Fathers are the unsung heroes during this period. Though no one speaks about them, they have their own set of emotions and job. They have not only to take care of their new born baby but also to take care of the mental and emotional health of their wives too who are undergoing through vigorous hormonal change. They feel a gamut of sentiments. Being a father itself brings in lots and lots of responsibilities. Now from being a couple they get transformed into a family. Many a times, it happens it is hard for a guy…

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    Care – Pre and Post pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a phase of woman’s life that brings key changes. It is vital to take care emotionally as well as physically. Caring during pregnancy comprises of pre pregnancy care as well as post pregnancy care. Imperative point is not overlooking to take care of yourself ones you have your little bundle of joy in your hands. Pre – pregnancy care for expectant mother Pre – pregnancy care drops the risk during pregnancy and thus safeguards the safe delivery of baby and good health of mother altogether. Regular visit to doctors It is important to have regular visits of your doctor to ensure the stage by stage development of your…

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    Believe it or not – They don’t stay kids forever

    My house was quiet the whole day except the sounds of the air conditioners and refrigerators. I and my husband used to catch up at breakfast in the morning and dinner for night. Exchange of few words followed the sound sleep of the tired souls. Good news broke and we had our little bundle of joy in our hands. Our house was not quite any more. Chores and voices of hunger, discomfort, cradle, rattles, howling, playing, giggling filled up the air. I was tired first of all the mundane work I had to do following up the little one I had in my house. However, as she started taking up…

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    All about C section and Normal Delivery

    Every pregnant woman and her family have one question in common that keeps on nagging till the baby is out in this beautiful world. Will it be a normal or a C-section delivery? Every one prays for vaginal delivery which is commonly known as normal delivery as it is the most common and opted way of giving birth to your baby naturally.  There are few pros and cons for both of them.  Despite of how the baby is going to arrive in this world, what important is health of the baby and mother both. In some cases C sections are exceptional requirement for safely delivering the baby without affecting the…

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    A temple where the Sun never rise

    Once upon a time, there lived a queen named Kantha Rani. She had two valiant sons. However, one day both of her sons were killed by the invaders who destroyed the entire area and kingdom simultaneously. She had nothing on her hands. She lost control of her emotions and was tremendously unhappy. Her two sons were lost and her kingdom as well. The temple that existed here shows her emotions. She built this temple just to remind us that this kingdom had a severe downfall. This temple showed her tremendous emotions saying,’

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    Dwarka has my heart and soul. With the mere feeling of Shri Krishna this place takes any person like me into trance of period he spent here. Let it be ruling, fighting for righteousness, saving people from Danavs and many more such incidences. Started on Saturday 2.03.2024 in Minibus with a total of 16 people on board. We reached Dwarka around 8 but since rooms were not ready as usual check-ins are at 11: 00 AM. We decided to visit one of the places called Charan Ganga.


    Dakor- The place where Shri Krishna settled for devotee.

    Dakor Dakor- Where Ranchodrai chose to live I feel many a times that God is always misjudged. Show him love and he will cross yugas to be with you. Shower him with devotion and he will show you his real side. He is no one else but Shri Krishna. It is kalyug and it is said that Gods doesn’t show up easily as kalyug is the period where kali has taken over. People in this yuga are more towards material pleasure, they commit crime more and they are less into spirituality. They are simple mortals who are far away from the real meaning of life and do not beyond in…


    Bheems Control

    Ekadashi is considered to be the most auspicious day and when it comes to fasting it is to be done strictly even without water for the whole day and night which means for twenty-four hours. he was very guilty but he did not have a solution. On one such holy day, Bheem approached Ved Vyasji- the writer of Mahabharat and asked, " Grandfather, I can do everything that is supposed to be done on Ekadashi. I give charity to the poor and brahmins, I donate clothes but, I am not able to observe fast, which leaves me with guilt in my gut".

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    Arjuna- The mighty warrior

    The incidence takes place in the ashram of Rishi Drona. Guru Drona was appointed as the Rajguru of Kauravas and Pandavas who were the royal princes of Hastinapur. He was teaching his students the skills of archery. As a lesson he set a wooden bird on the branch of the tree and made every student stand at a distance from the tree.

  • Gandhi nu gam- kutch
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    Gandhi nu Gaam in Kutch – A village that stood the test of time

    It was that murky day of 26th January 2001, I was sitting there learning for my exams and my house started crackling and bursting. Unable to understand what it was, I heard cries and shouts outside my house. It was a massive earthquake. Gujarat was struck by the upsetting earthquake and everything was scattered into tits and bits. Not only belongings but living beings too. Affected by this gargantuan natural anger, was one village in Kutch called Ludiya. It was wholly shattered into pieces and it was problematic to get that intact. An NGO from Ahmedabad joined hands together with the people of the village and established the village again.

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    Mahudi – A religious shrine not to missed in Gujarat

    Prasad is pious and should not be wasted. So, though offered at minimal cost, make sure to take how much you can have. Now, what is unusual about this ritual? Now, whenever we visit a certain sacred place, we think of carrying prasad back home so that it can be offered to those who did not visit along. But it is not the case with this Sukhadi prasad.

  • Lakshmi Villas Palace
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    Lakshmi Vilas Palace – Palace of the royals

    Lakshmi Villas Palace in Vadodara is a huge Palace rooted on the Rajmahal road in Vadodara. Also, known as Gaekwad city from the name of the rulers that once ruled the city, it hosts this Palace that is four times bigger than Buckingham Palace. If you have not visited this palace, definitely you are missing something. It is like a dream. While you step into the backyard of the palace that hosts the massive golf course, the vibes are amazing. I felt like heaven and couldn’t admire it less after I was done with the visit.