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Gandhi nu Gaam in Kutch – A village that stood the test of time

Gandhi nu Gaam

It was that murky day of 26th January 2001, I was sitting there learning for my exams and my house started crackling and bursting. Unable to understand what it was, I heard cries and shouts outside my house. It was a massive earthquake. Gujarat was struck by the upsetting earthquake and everything was scattered into tits and bits. Not only belongings but living beings too. Affected by this gargantuan natural anger, was one village in Kutch called Ludiya. It was wholly shattered into pieces and it was problematic to get that intact. An NGO from Ahmedabad joined hands together with the people of the village and established the village again.

Faces that have stood time
Faces that have stood time

When we visited Ludiya as a part of the FAM trip of Gujarat Tourism, I could hardly gather the fact that was affected by the quake. The ever-smiling faces and the condition of the village we saw made us realize that nothing is impossible if you have guts and willpower. After this village was adopted, it was lovingly named Gandhi nu Gaam. It is a 30-minute drive from Dhordo.

Colourful village – Full of life

Colourful village- Ludiya

Colourful village- Ludiya

Gandhi nu Gam is a delightful and colourful village situated 70 km NE of Bhuj is a throbbing art village. You ask for a thing in art and you get it. Besides when I saw the people, I was ducked by the attire. It was so colourful and trendy, it took my heart away. Gandhi nu Gam is a vibrant village in Kutch that makes you realize the real culture of the place. Gujarat is a dry state and when it comes to Kutch, life is hard because of the extremities in the climate. Also, one thing to note is that they do not allow snap the young girls who aren’t married; however, you can ask for a pic from a woman who is married and she would happily agree. This village nurtures centuries-old art and craft and you can buy them at reasonable rates. Mirror work, gota work, patches that are simply beautiful, and the colourful dupattas are sure to win your heart.

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Art is not only for earning a living in the village

Usually, in villages, you find art that you find nowhere else. However, I don’t say anything about the duplicates we get in the market. But, the art here in Ludiya village is not just for grossing but a matter of pride too. People do it with patience and sheer love for the tradition they have carried out through generations. The doors in the villages and the bhungas where they live are utterly beautiful and coloured. Now, talking about Bhungas, they are colour round houses with cylindrical roofs and they are beautifully decorated to keep the temperature low in summers and hot in winters.

Women are engrossed in the art of clothes, whereas men are involved in woodcraft. Woodcraft here is utterly beautiful too. These villages were unknown until Rannutsav came into existence and people came here as a part of the festival. Kutch is very beautiful and the people here are welcoming despite the adversity in the climate.

Visit this place and I am sure it will not leave you unhappy for sure!

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