About us

Hi, I am Sweta Papaiyawala and I am a travel content creator, writer, blogger, photographer and storyteller. After working as a Quality control head, I switched my career to travel content creation.

My kids and husband are the massive backbones supporting my decision. Travelling right from serene Mauritius, exploring the snow-clad mountains of Switzerland, and trudging through the dunes of Jaisalmer, I have done all. I believe in travelling the world and presenting it to others in the form of travel stories. I love enjoying local cuisine, pick my nose in the culture of the locals and I go on for hours with any local I catch on. My immense love for my country allowed me to explore more about it and so I am a firm believer in exploring the local place and places nearby before eyeing the masterpieces elsewhere. Supporting the same motivation of mine is my husband the great and the two naughty buds. Offbeat travel is something I explore on my trip and I always look upon local culture and ethnicity. Every particle I believe has a story to tell and they give you deep knowledge about the species that occupied the place which you do now. I love heritage travel as it gives a sense of deep connection to the place. Travel comes first for me.

My first eye-opening travel

Exploring Europe with friends was the most mesmerizing tour which happened during my college days. Since then, I have never looked back. Writing while travel gives me immense pleasure in describing the place in my words. Words that help you go and explore the place right away! I never travel to places that are on the internet and general knowledge books.

Exploring the unexplored

I believe in exploring unexplored places, the land that lies serene and untouched, something that nature is still beyond the explanation and words can’t describe. Travel cannot be completed in one birth. That is why our Rishi munis time-travelled sitting at one place. Earth was not enough for them.

We are not static

But I believe we are not trees and so we should move. Travelling gives me a sense of fulfilment and familiarity with culture, nature, habitat that is far more different than mine. Roving gives you maturity in accepting things and be more versatile.

Following the same dream of mine made me won the Best Travel writer award of Gujarat in 2020 recognized by govt of Gujarat.