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    Pirotan Island- Worth a visit

    Pirotan Island is an exotic place for nature lovers and marine obsessed folks. Our of the 42 islands Pirotan island is the most popular island and is one of the two islands that is permitted for the visitors, other being the Narala island. Pirotan Island covers an area of 3 square kilometres and this beautiful island is one of forty-two islands in the marine park area, nuzzled within the locality of the Marine National Park in the Jamnagar district on the western coast of Gujarat.

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    How to make Croissants

    Croissant is favorite breakfast of one and all. Ever wondered how it is made? Homemade croissants are most easy to make. Ingredients: Maida                                              1 kg Sugar granules                              60 gms Salt                                                  20 gms Calcium powder                            3 gms Fresh yeast (dry yeast 45 gms)  35 gms Bread improver                             3 gms Milk                                               100 ml Chilled water                              400 ml Oil                                                  70 gms Amul butter                               250 gms Method : Take chilled water in one bowl, add milk, yeast and sugar to it. Let it melt. Add all other dry ingredients in one bowl and mix it to the liquid mixture. Prepare the dough. Cover it in cloth or keep in polyethene. Let it rest for…

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    What made me turn from human to an animal

    Everyone has a dream of spending their precious holidays in Paris and Switzerland. I don’t have any dream which asks me to spend my time marvelously. Do you know what my desire is? I bet, you wouldn’t. I wish to sit on my couch with a mug of coffee in my hand for at least half an hour without any one yelling at me or pulling my hair. My dear husband is the person to take off my frustration. Being a person who understands me to the core tries to console my every bit. My house which was as clean as a marble stone and was as silent as some…

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    Raveling story of mystical bonds

    An engineer by profession (before my little being came out in this world), a writer, newbie blogger and a book worm reader, is what describes me. Hi, I am Sweta Papaiyawala. When the word sibling echoes around your ears all that marvels in your mind are those fights which were much harsher when they were real, and now bring a beautiful smile on your face, even though when you are sitting alone. Thanks to Ila Varma for bringing forth this siesta yet passive love which has given a chance to all us happy 36 bloggers to shower their love and feeling for their brothers and sisters which rather would have…

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    Char Dham Yatra Religious places in India

    Char dhams are basically four pilgrimage places and is a kind of must visit for hinduism followers. It consists of Badrinath, Dawarka, Puri and Rameswaram. It is a belief amongst hindus that by visiting these places one can achieve salvation. These places have beauty of its own and by visiting these pure places one can connect to the supreme almighty. The feeling is of out of the world.  All four dhams are located in four different directions of the country. Badrinath   Word badri means berries. In ancient time this place called badrinath was covered with berry trees and this is how the name badrinath comes from. The supreme God…

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    Top 5 things to keep in mind while traveling

    Holidays are nearing and we have planned our trip. We are most excited as the holidays are nearing. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind to make your traveling experience more memorable. There are various things to be kept in mind while traveling. Some of those are mentioned below to ease down your journey. Camera First and foremost thing required is camera. Camera is your traveling buddy. Nowadays with smart phones being in and hot people have lessened the usage of cameras. But trust me; camera on its own has its sole purpose. Smart phones will not help you capture the beautiful moments as those…