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Raveling story of mystical bonds

An engineer by profession (before my little being came out in this world), a writer, newbie blogger and a book worm reader, is what describes me. Hi, I am Sweta Papaiyawala. When the word sibling echoes around your ears all that marvels in your mind are those fights which were much harsher when they were real, and now bring a beautiful smile on your face, even though when you are sitting alone. Thanks to Ila Varma for bringing forth this siesta yet passive love which has given a chance to all us happy 36 bloggers to shower their love and feeling for their brothers and sisters which rather would have gone unnoticed. I would also like to thank Mayuri of for introducing me. Sibling stories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the brand # Angtatva .

My story has so many twists and turns which one day I already had thought to pen down and here is the opportunity that came forehand. My younger brother Hardik who I must say is younger only by age. I used to empower him by always boosting of saying like, “You are younger so stay small, I am the elder one.” I used to win each and every argument with this last sentence. We are two and I am the elder one.  Once I remember he got lost while being too young around the age of 3 or 4 and the entire family was under chaos. I can collect the faces of the family members and their movement for finding him with every possibility. Finally this little guy was found walking happily hands in hands with some unknown person. Teenage brought enormous change in him and I saw him changing from a tiny being to a young tall boy. The fights we still had for a single piece of chocolate. Though being elder I always used to snatch his last piece of chocolate.

When our parents used to go out leaving us alone we used to have severe fight by snatching hairs and piercing nails as if some wild animals are fighting for no reason.  I still remember hitting him hard and giving a shout to my mom saying he is hitting me, to save myself from his harsh powerful blows. I was too lethargic and never believe on reaching anywhere on time. Whereas, he on the other end always wanted to be punctual. We are the opposite one birthed from the same womb. I am a foodie, who loves junk food to core, whereas he is more health conscious.

Time came and we parted. He moved to Australia for his further studies and I moved to United Kingdom.  We were miles apart, still our bond was as it is.  I was always the first one to get contacted in every problem, which I believe every sibling is.  I came back to India and got married to love of my life. To the matter of astonishment, he was the one who applied for tickets to come first but unfortunately till last date his passport did not arrive which was in the embassy for certain stamping. Alas, he could not make up for my wedding.  We waited till the day of my marriage and every one was under the hope that he would be able to make up. Anyway, he called me and said I have broken my fast and I am out to eat to celebrate your wedding. He is back, happily married. Memories are unforgettable and have its own impeccable place in life.

I am a mother of a sweet daughter and I never wanted to have another kid, however when I see my life and sweet memories that I shared with my sibling, I want my daughter to enjoy the same bond. I never want her to grow up and say Mumma, where is my sibling or regret later. So, here I go and we have planned for my daughter’s bonding love of sibling which would be due in few months.

This blogging journey has been fantastic and herewith, I would like to welcome Vasantha Vivek of to take this blogging journey further for more beautiful stories.







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