Dwarka has my heart and soul. With the mere feeling of Shri Krishna this place takes any person like me into trance of period he spent here. Let it be ruling, fighting for righteousness, saving people from Danavs and many more such incidences. Started on Saturday 2.03.2024 in Minibus with a total of 16 people on board. We reached Dwarka around 8 but since rooms were not ready as usual check-ins are at 11: 00 AM. We decided to visit one of the places called Charan Ganga.


Charan Ganga- Only well that has sweet water surrounded by saltiness everywhere

It was around 20 km from our hotel which was The Grand Dwarika hotel. We reached Charan Ganga, and the place was pious and peaceful. Narayan Guru stayed there and was one of the Yaduvanshis. The village which we visited was known as Tupani as said in Gujarati because there is one beautiful historical story associated with the place. We stayed there for more than 2 hours. Tasted water from the well, moved to places in the villages, and watched buffaloes and beautiful ladies fetching water from the well. We followed the peacock and reached one beautiful hilltop temple. The place was loaded with peace, tranquility and a small divine temple. The temple was closed outside but the smell in the temple was of recent pooja done and flowers freshly put up on the Shivling. The small Shiv temple was surrounded by Chickoo trees which we loved taking of some, but they were yet not ripened so we left it for others. The small tekri housed the Shitala Mata temple as well. Small pots and stone vessels were filled with water for the birds that chirped and echoed that place with purity. I vouched to spend time in villages as much as I can after visiting this place. There is one beautiful story linked with this well called Charan Ganga. I will share in reel. We had Kandu with us who is just 8 months old. He cried for sleep and village people were fair enough to offer us their jhula called ghodiya to make baby sleep.

Charan ganga at tupani village near Dwarka
Charan ganga at tupani village near Dwarka


They were astonished to see my brother sing glory as they think city dwellers have no sense or cultural inheritance of giving sound sleep to babies by singing divine lullabies. We could make them feel that we too are connected to God, but the only thing is we are not as pure as village dwellers. We have our circumstances. Charan Ganga ki ache se story padhi grahan ki and then we left for our hotel as rooms were waiting for us.

Start of the day


We cleaned ourselves and left to tour Dwarka. Hotels act as major guides so whenever you go to some of the places that you haven’t been before make sure to ask the hotel reception first. They usually have brochures that help the visitors. Over and above they also guide you with the amount being charged so that you are not cheated by anyone there. Hotels usually have timings and so do places. So, plan your things well in advance so that you don’t miss on any day simply sitting around and miss the beauty of the place.

Swaminarayan temple

swaminarayan mandir
swaminarayan mandir


charan ganga temple
charan ganga temple

We started our tour by visiting Dwarka Swaminarayan mandir. It is a bit smaller compared to the massiveness of the Swaminarayan temples I have noticed everywhere but the peace and tranquility were massive. Being a Swaminarayan, my mom has a special place for this temple in her heart. After taking the darshan of Swaminarayan Bhagwan we headed forward. We hired a ‘chakra’ as it is the easiest means to traverse Dwarka. Over and above the atmosphere in Dwarka aids this ride. Surrounded by Arabian Sea this place is a bit windy and lovely all over the time. The atmosphere has something, the vibes and the particles give that spark of peace, I guess that is the reason Shri Krishna chose this place to spend a major part of his life here. It is not far away from the main Dwarkadhish temple.

The Chakdo driver took us next was a temple housing a well with a sweet taste.

Siddheswar Mahadev

The Chakdo driver took us next was a temple housing a well with a sweet taste. The entire well was covered with something, and the pump was locked which fetched water outside. It was Siddheswar Mahadev. It housed the main temple of Shivji, and another small temple surrounded the place. It seemed to be an ancient temple which created an enormous amount of faith for the devotees visiting. It was crowded a bit, so it must be visited regularly. Vibes make a lot of difference and for me, the first step in the place speaks everything about the existence of the structure and the habitants. The main temple was surrounded by so many small Shiv temples. It was a sight to behold.

Dwarka beach and Gayatri temple on the shore of Dwarka beach

Later after covering the Shiv temple, we moved towards Dwarka beach. Dwarka Beach had an amazing sunset. Massive waves and the setting sun gave an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and calmness. We pulled ourselves together from the peace we experienced. No one wanted to move ahead, but time wanted. So, we visited the Gayatri temple located on the shore and moved ahead to one of my best places. I make sure to visit this place whenever I visit Dwarka. Guess where?

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev is a thousand-of-year-old Shiv temple located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The waves hit the temple premises and ooze the vibrancy you have lost in your city life. Though the sun is high and makes you feel warmer, the waves of the ocean create an atmosphere of breeze that you might have never experienced. The shivling here is considered auspicious as it is said that it was established by Brahma according to some legends. Don’t miss to attend the Arti that is performed here in the evening. You will forget every worry, every small and big thing of your city life.

We ended our day visiting this temple. No, lastly, we visited Krishna. The day can never end without him, especially in his Dwarka. We visited the Dwarkadhish temple though it was full of people and rushes still we could get a glimpse of Kanhas smile in the city where he spent a major part of his life.

It was a day well spent in Dwarka. Overall, our trip to Dwarka was not just a vacation, but a journey that rejuvenated our souls and left us feeling inspired.

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