Bhuj to Kalo Dungar (Black Mountain) – The best place to visit in Kutch

Kalo Dungar in Kutch as the name says is the black mountain that has breath-taking sunrise and sunset. Before heading for the White Desert, we wanted to visit Kalo Dungar as it is a place that is not supposed to be missed at any cost. You pass many villages like Khavda and Ludiya that are well known for handicraft. But, if you are having restricted time, head straight forward to Kalo Dungar (black mountain). After driving for a while, you will see a notice board that says “TROPIC OF CANCER IS PASSING FROM HERE’. Don’t miss that board on your way to Kalo Dungar. The board is utterly pleasing because we have only read in Geography books till date, isn’t it? Later, the climb of the hill is sharp and the driver needs to be cautious enough. You can get off for a capture near the board.


View of kalo dungar of Kutch
View of kalo dungar of Kutch


The most vital point of the magnetic field at kalo dungar (black mountain)

 People have experienced this magnetic field at kalo dungar. Vehicles tend to run at the speed of 80 km, I say 80 because we experienced 80 km against gravity. Our car climbed hills at that speed on neutral. You can try this. Turn off the engine and stand at the place where it is said anti-gravity point. You would notice vehicle running backwards and that too climbing slopes. This is something magical but it is said, there is a magnetic field that pulls vehicles. Well, there is a difference in opinion for scientists too but this is a point to experience. The rider would enjoy the sensation of the hill and the thundery cool wind. Kalo dungar has the vision to behold. I never wanted to live in that place but the time frame was all we had. 


Me at Highest point of Kutch - Kalo Dungar
Me at Highest point of Kutch – Kalo Dungar

PS: Take your vehicle to the last point where you can. You can take it straight away to the spot where the Dattatreya temple is rooted if you have limited time. Else you can climb the road enjoying the view and the breeze that blows against the Sun tossing sweltering heat.


Dattatreya temple at kalo dungar and the story behind

400 year old Dattatreya Temple on Kalo Dungar
400 year old Dattatreya Temple on Kalo Dungar


 Dattatreya temple at kalo dungar is a 400-year-old temple. There is a legend that says God Dattatreya stayed there and during his stay he used to feed jackals with food. Following the same ritual to date, priest prepared offerings of cooked rice for jackals for centuries. However, if you are fortunate enough you get to spot the jackal eating the prasad. Temple is well sustained and gives you divine oomph when you step in it. As it is said, every atom speaks, a place gives you peace of mind. This place attests to it. Well, you would be hailed by many local folks who would run behind you for turban ligature. If you want to enjoy the local feel and enjoy the moments, you should try. It cost INR 20 and you can grab some stunning moments. Camel ride can be enjoyed at this place too. The way to the viewpoint has many stalls that sell local crafts and also you would find few stalls that offer Maggie and ganne ka juice. (sugar cane juice). 

The viewpoint is amazing and doesn’t forget to take a selfie with the guy who sits on the steps playing the sitar to give you an instagrammable picture/ selfie. He is quite famed on Instagram. Ah! the breeze I felt on reaching the top was spectacular. You can spot the last army post as Pakistan is the next destination and also you can catch the glimpse of the India bridge that is just a few kilometres away. Wait, if you cannot spot with your naked eye, you would see guys with binoculars running behind to help you enjoy the view because this is how they earn.  A charge is minimal and if you are a group, they even bargain. Time? The time, they give is unlimited. 

Take magical pictures, capture moments and enjoy the breeze. Well, Kalo dungar (black mountain) is the highest peak of Kutch. 


Instagram famous man on Kalo Dungar
Instagram famous man on Kalo Dungar

Why visit Kalo Dungar (black mountain)?

 Kalo dungar is the Gujarati name for Black Mountain wherein kalo means black and dungar means mountain. It is a place that gives you goosebumps. We literarily planned to visit this place without fail owning to the theories that depicted the magnetic field. The magnetic field does exist and that is beyond science, trust me. You can check it while you are there. Gravity is almost nil. Now, why visit Kalo dungar (black mountain). Here are the pointers.

Kalo Dungar (black mountain) is the highest point (462 mts) of Kutch district, and it is one of the only ways which offers the majestic panoramic view of the famous White Rann (desert) of Kutch. It is the highest point to view the magnificent Kutch. When you get to visit Kutch this is a must-visit the place. Why visit Kalo dungar (black mountain)?

Lemme see if I can convince you.


Us at Kalo dungar
Us at Kalo dungar


  • The highest point of Kutch
  • Famous 400-year-old temple of God Dattatreya.
  • Famous legend linked where you get to spot jackal visiting to eat prasad offered by the pujaris
  • This is a ritual that goes on for ages
  • You don’t know you may be lucky enough to spot jackal if you visit at a convenient time of prasad
  • Panoramic view of desert that seems endless
  • To spot the last check post of India
  • Spot Indiana bridge
  • View nature in its excellence
  • Breeze your experience even in the scorching heated land
  • To view desert and ocean side by side
  • Camel ride
  • Enjoy the turban tie, authenticity of Kutch and pose yourself
  • Taking amazing landscape pictures
  • To spot mountain animals if lucky enough
  • To check on the mountain changing its colour with the movement of the clouds
  • Alluring sunset that you will remember a lifetime
  • Not to forget the magical magnetic point where your car speeds up even without the engine being turned on
  • Try it yourself when you are there
  • On your way, you can check on the point where TOC (tropic of cancer) passes. 
  • Don’t forget to try Maggi and sugar cane juice on your way. 
  • You can find them lining in form of small stalls way up the mountain.

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I have a certain kind of connection with Kutch that makes me drill again and again towards its beauty. Though being a barren land, you would be amazed to find the way the human race and other lives have survived. Kutchi people are really good at heart but straight to the point. The reason behind, I thought was the hardship they faced in earning the bread itself. You talk to a fellow person and they would be happy to guide you. They have an amazing love for Kutch and are literary proud of the culture they follow and the place they live in. 


Where to stay and how to visit kalo dungar (black mountain)?

 We stayed in Bhuj and it takes around an hour and a half to reach this place. Bhuj to Kalo dungar takes around one hour and a half drive. This place can be covered along with the White Desert of Kutch. So, Black Mountain and the White Desert comes along together. It is advised to start early if ever think of too and fro from Bhuj. A physical check post is set up at Bhirandiyara village but due to heavy rush, the queue was long which further probed them to go for an online permit. You can get your permit online through www.rannpermit.com. There is a minimal fee of INR 100 for people adults and INR 50 for kids below 12. Also, a minimal charge of 50 for a four-wheeler is taken. After giving the required documents and charges you can enter the desert area that covers many villages and most importantly white desert. Check post timings are 10 am to 5 pm.


The road trip is most amazing and you won’t doze up owing to the view the land offers. We visited this land and I am mesmerized with the place so much that it tempted me to visit this place time and again.  


Things to keep in mind before travelling to kalo dungar (black mountain)

 The place is literarily heated up because it is Kutch, so make sure to carry clothes as per the season you visit.

  • The drive is long and if you have children along, make sure to carry the essentials along
  • Water is a must-have
  • Carry extra water bottles
  • You might find a single hut shop there where you might be lucky sometimes to have cold drinks if ever available
  • Because we wanted to have ice cream as the board read, but the guy dint has one. We cannot blame them.
  • Wear proper shoes as the walk is high, low
  • Wear comfortable clothing because of the gusty wind at the highest point
  • Carry glares for the freaky sunlight
  • If possible, you can carry binoculars, if not you would find people rushing to you with binoculars and minimal rent
  • Carry combs because you might end up looking beast once you are done with the view

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Stop at the magical magnetic point to experience the most amazing phenomenon. We did experience and we were left in awe.


There are many places to visit in Kutch, but the one that has my memories attached to it is Kalo dungar (black mountain). 


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Where to Stay:

We stayed in Bhuj. There are many hotels in Bhuj but there are few that are worth trying.


Address: Nr Vandematram Memorial Park, bhujodi Bhuj-Anjar Highway, bhujodi, Bhuj, Gujarat 370020


Address: GMDC House, Bhuj-Mirjapar, Highway, Bhuj, Kutch | 5.9 km from Bhuj Airport (BHJ)


Both the Resorts are amazing and provides you with an outstanding experience throughout the stay.

Bhuj is an amazing city altogether. There are numerous places to visit in Bhuj that would give you the experience of a lifetime. So, are you tempted to travel to Kutch?

How to reach

Bhuj has connectivity with all the major cities of gujarat. It takes around seven hours drive from Ahmedabad to Bhuj.









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