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Why should you prefer travel above gadgets for your kids?

Travel is my lifeline and way in and out I try conveying the same to all of my readers too. During this time of Covid situation where it has turned mandatory to stay indoors and all you can bother your kids are with gadgets. We all agree with that. Earlier we used to blow the horn of accentuating physical activities for kids and now the dart has turned the other way in. It is essential to understand and we all know that Gadgets are beasts. These were the words of Steve Jobs- Co-founder of Apple.  He never handled the smartphone to his kids though he developed it. These were the known facts which we should also understand. Gadgets can be monsters too and they can also be blessings, besides you know the right way to handle it.

Travel is mandatory as we are not trees. We have got lovely legs which we should use to check on the beautiful creation of God until other planets get discovered. I always stress on travel because there are many reasons. Kids are soft, blank and agile. They are blank board and we shape things which stays with them for their lifetime. So, we should make their travel whenever, wherever we can as a parent. Travel doesn’t necessarily mean you take them to Switzerland and Europe. Travel can be anything. Visiting small village, nearby places that guide them and gives knowledge about the place and history associated with it. Different geographical locations, types of people that exist there and culture they follow.

Travel hatches memories

Travel is something that will stay with your kids for a lifetime. Think of yourself. Do you remember the best clothes that you were gifted or do you remember the vacation and outing you had as a kid? I am sure everybody in their lifetime would have bragged about their outing as young ones to their kids. I did many times because that has what made an impression on my mind. It gives you memoirs that sojourn with you to pass on to the next generation. Gift your kids’ holidays.

Travel is the best teacher

Do you think you should let your kids travel just for fun? Then you are wrong. Travel is the best teacher in the universe. It gives your experience and knowledge about the place and survival in it. Don’t let them be the frog of the lake. A world exists that is beyond their reality and people unlike them do survive. That is what you can communicate with them through travel. Let them interrogate and ask questions. If they ask questions, it is an upright insignia of their evolving mind.

Let their senses develop

Don’t confine them to one single geographical location. Let their senses develop. Make them taste food that belongs to some other kind of society. Let them see the beauty that they never saw before, let them enjoy the culture that doesn’t belong to you and let them feel the air that they never breathe before.

Co-existence and its learning

Children tend to have ownership and possessiveness. Travel will make them understand the meaning of co-existence. The place that we share with millions of other living beings. The Earth and the air that we share with others. We are not alone and the universe tends to be equal to every living creature.

Raise their brows

Let them know about the queen that built step well and know about the place that turns into the desert from the ocean every year. This will help arouse questions to whys and how’s and they will be heading to search for the deeper facts allied with it. Remember to raise their brows every time in bewilderment. Help them show their gratitude towards mother nature.  There is a massive difference when you see a penguin in books and reality. Trust me.  Show them whatever you can.

Trips are priceless

Don’t always go for heavy vacationing trips. It happens many times and probably to all of us. We have visited the Eiffel tower in Paris but we might now have seen the Taj Mahal of Agra. Isn’t it? Admire your own culture and place before you head out. Start from the nearest neighbourhood and place that you live in. Trust me, you also will have to google for the best place around you and I am dead sure you would find places that you might have not seen.

Looking at the current situation due to the coronavirus and outside, it has turned worse to travel even to the grocery store. So, make sure to stay indoors. You can make your kids watch channels like Travel XP, Nat Geo Wild, History TV which surely will leave them in awe.

So, you did not give it a start.

PS: Abiding by the pandemic and the worse situation due to Covid, it is advisable to stay indoors until we can travel again.   Mask up till we get to travel soon.



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