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    A Heritage Walk in the Old City of Ahmedabad- Mandir to Masjid walk

    A heritage walk that starts from Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple and ends at Jami Masjid, the two icons of Ahmedabad, channels our soul to the epoch drenched with culture, the life that they relished and marvellous architecture. India is a realm of culture, tradition and festivals well known worldwide. However, not many cities have a rich cultural heritage that is a concord of tradition from overseas as well. Modernization balances somewhere with globalization. Where people have stimulated out of their area of life to explore the unknown spaces on the Orb. But that is where I went wrong. It is not now that we have started globalization. It ensued well before…

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    Dubai with Kids: Things to do, Travel Guide and Tips 

    Dubai is the best place to visit. It has been a tourist attraction that attracted crowds but pandemic hit affected each and every travel place. however, there are some places that can be vouched upon. For more inspiration, follow this comprehensive guide which not only enlightens you on top things to do in Dubai with kids but also covers amazing travel hacks plus COVID-19 guidelines and the best time to travel Dubai. 

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    Pirotan Island- Worth a visit

    Pirotan Island is an exotic place for nature lovers and marine obsessed folks. Our of the 42 islands Pirotan island is the most popular island and is one of the two islands that is permitted for the visitors, other being the Narala island. Pirotan Island covers an area of 3 square kilometres and this beautiful island is one of forty-two islands in the marine park area, nuzzled within the locality of the Marine National Park in the Jamnagar district on the western coast of Gujarat.

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    Three peaked hill

    Taranga Hill is a combination of Nature and stunning figurine, style of beautiful Jain temple surrounded by many small hills. The shrine is bounded by a total of the three-peaked hill. You can climb all three hills and it takes nearly around an hour per hill. If you are probing for crags, Small trails for Trekking, Old architecture and religion place than this is the perfect one. Rich with cultures and societies of various kinds, India is dotted with temples, mosques, churches and other places of religious significance all over the country. Every year, certain main pilgrimage centres, like Rishikesh, Tirupati Ayodhya, Kedarnath, etc., are crowded with devotees, especially during…