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Dadhichi Ashram on the bank of the river Sabarmati

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Dadhichi Ashram is located on the bank of the river Sabarmati in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. There is mention of this place in Shreemad Bhagwat which is mentioned as the sacrificial place of Saint Dadhichi. This place is considered to be a unique place because of the offerings that are made by the devotees. Usually when one visits a temple devotes offer money, sweets or flower garlands. But this is not the case with Dadhichi Asram. You cannot offer any of such offerings but all you need to offer is Cigarette. Yes, you read it right Cigarette you need to offer to Aghori baba. The cigarette of local brand irrelevant from your financial or social background.  Aghori baba was the sishya (student) of Saint Dadhichi and was a spiritual soul. It is considered that by offering cigarettes of the local brand to Aghori baba wishes are fulfilled. Owing to same, people tend to visit this unique place with utmost devotion and offer a cigarette. In an earlier era, Drugs were offered but owing to its prohibition, it is not offered anymore. I had many questions in my mind and wanted to visit this place out of utmost curiosity.

Dadhichi Ashram
Dadhichi Ashram

When to visit this temple?

Rishi Dadhichi Ashram is open on all days, however, one of the auspicious days you can visit is Thursday. Havan is done along with offerings of cigarettes to Aghori baba. It is done by experts and you can take part in that. Many people visit this Ashram right from a civilian to a politician with ample hopes and wishes. You can visit on other days too. There are three temples altogether. Temple of Lord Shiva, Saint Dadhichi and Aghori Baba. It is considered that Saint Dadhichi offered sacrificed his life for the sake of Goodness to prevail. This place has been mentioned in the pious Bhagwad Geeta.

Aghori baba
Aghori baba


Who was Saint Dadhichi?

Rishi Dadhichi was the master of Madhu Vidhya. Madhu Vidhya is Vidhya through which one can attain immortality. Indra feared his position and cut off the head of Dadhichi which was playfully replaced with the head of a horse by the Ashwin brothers. This is a story on its own which requires a separate space it. However, to continue with it, Dadhichi was the strongest Rishi of those times. Raksha names Vritasur was terrorizing devtas and King Indra was scared to lose in front of him. No weapon was powerful enough to kill Vritasur.  Only a weapon made from the spine of Rishi Dadhichi could kill Vritasur. Despite beheading Rishi Dadhichi ones Indradev approached Dadhichi Rishi to ask for his favour of giving up his life for the sake of protecting the Lok. Rishi Dadhichi without any hesitation gave up his life for the sake of protecting the universe from the terror of Vritasur. The place where Rishi Dadhichi gave up his life is this Dudheswar Dadhichi Ashram located on the banks of River Sabarmati in Ahmedabad.

The war occurred and, in the end, Indra won the battle regaining the throne. Rishi Dadhichi is an example of piousness who sacrificed himself several times for humanity.

Rishi Dadhichi's sacrificial place
Rishi Dadhichi’s sacrificial place


Why visit this place?

  • This temple is unique as it has an significance of its own.
  • You can feel the vibes, the magnitude of energy the moment you step in.
  • Also, the unique temple of Aghori baba where you get to offer cigarettes is a different experience altogether.
  • Make a wish and it is fulfilled.
  • It is visited by politicians so I am sure must be something to go and pray for.
  • We visited this place to check on the vibes and unique offerings. Trust me, I was dumbstruck.
  • If you plan to visit, Thursdays are the best days. Have you visited any place just for the experience and feel. If yes, go for it.
  • You can relive the story of Rishi Dadhichi and Indradev.  There is nothing fancy about the place.
  • It is simple, pious and modest. Energy and oomph are what you find there.
  • Stories in ancient times depicted powerful human beings in our Shastras and we find proof too.
  • When you get to visit such places, don’t live any stone unturned.


Offerings of cigarette
Offerings of cigarette


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When to visit?

  • Thursdays of the week.

Where is it located?

It is located right beside Gandhi Ashram on the banks of river Sabarmati.

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