4 places not to be missed in kumbalgarh

Kumbalgarh is a beautiful, calm and serene place. You feel next to mother nature when you visit this place. It is full of greenery and hills. it is a beautiful town of forest that is nestled in hills. Lake located in between gives a wonderful form and hills and impressing fort built on hills leaves an impression on our minds. This is quite unique and interesting place that attracts tourist not only from the country but also round the globe. Place looks majestic in rainy season. There is nothing much to do part from feeling the fresh and natural breeze that is pollution free. You would definitely add 5 more years to your life if you live in this serene and pure place. Most important things not to be missed when in Kumbalgarh are

  1. Kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary

It is the sanctuary that stretches along the Aravalli hills. It covers area of around 578 sq km. It is located in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. This sanctuary is home abode to variety of animals like bear, panther, wild monkeys, sambhal nilgai, four horned antelope, chinkara, etc. it also nestles ample variety of birds.

Jeep Safari

There are many things to do in wildlife sanctuary. However, we enjoyed Jeep Safari in Kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary. It takes around 3 hours to get back from Kumbagarh to Thandi beri. It is the most popular safari. Timings would be early morning 6 am and late evening 8 pm. We were most excited so we opted for early morning safari. Cold breeze and the pure air are enough to enjoy the jungle safari. It was mesmerizing though we could not enjoy the sight of any such animals. Guides say animals are scared of noises of jeep and people so they go hide themselves. March to December is the best time to spot animals.

Tips to visit Safari

  1. Carry your hat, sunglasses, shawl, sweater, water along.
  2. There is nominal fee for entry
  3. There are few hotels that arrange the Safari and Jeep.
  4. Forest guards can be hired at nominal cost.
  5. It is more advisable to book in advance.

2. Kumbalgarh Fort

Kumbalgarh Fort

Kumbalgarh Fort is located on the western range of Aravalli hills, in the Rajsamand district. Build by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. 38 km of continuous wall is ranked to be second most longest wall in the world. You would come to know the mighty spirit of Rajputs who is considered as the warrior clan. It is now considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Site of the fort and entire Kumbalgarh is magical during rainy season as you can only see green landscape spread through and the fort looks majestic. Timings are 9 am to 6 pm everyday. Wall is what catches your eye from far away even before you enter the fort. It is India’s own greatest wall. All along the formidable walls are the tapered openings that allowed the archers to target the enemies and shielding themselves from enemies counter attacking. Places to see inside the fort are birth place of Maharana Pratap, kumbha palace and Badal Mahal. It also encompasses Mahadev Temple with its huge round dome and ceiling with 24 pillars. Badal Mahal aptly known as Palace of clouds has steep climb uphill. Jalia ka Malia near Pagda pole which is the birth place of Maharana Pratap and Nimbu pole are worth visiting place.

Things to keep in mind while visiting fort:

  • Carry your sunglasses
  • Bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Shoes to cover the steep climb of Fort
  • Camera to capture the amazing views
  • Check the timings to cover the magical light show of the fort

3. Fish point Kumbalgarh

Fish point Kumbalgarh

This place is less visited places in Kumbalgarh. It caves thousands of African catfishes. Hammeripal lake houses catfishes that are too hungry. It is lake situated in the Taladri village in Rajsamand district. Sight of fishes is such that it might frightened someone or might make some one feel uneasy at the view. Local food is easily available to be fed to the fishes. However, it is a sight not to be missed ones in a while.

. Ganga Govrdhan Museum Kumbalgarh

Ganga Govrdhan museum kumbalgarh

Ganga Govrdhan museum is a must visit place in Kumbalgarh. It has huge collection of coins. Over and above it is a museum with the largest number of coins in Asia. Apart from coins, it has collection of weapons, sculptures, paintings, etc. There were pots too that displayed how such currencies were explored from ancient times.

Kumbalgarh is a must visit place if you are visiting with your family and friends. There is no much things to explore, however in order to get your hands on nature and feel the earth near to you, Kumbalgarh is not to be missed place.

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