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    Bhuj to Kalo Dungar (Black Mountain) – The best place to visit in Kutch

    Kalo Dungar in Kutch as the name says is the black mountain that has breath-taking sunrise and sunset. Before heading for the White Desert, we wanted to visit Kalo Dungar as it is a place that is not supposed to be missed at any cost. You pass many villages like Khavda and Ludiya that are well known for handicraft. But, if you are having restricted time, head straight forward to Kalo Dungar (black mountain). After driving for a while, you will see a notice board that says “TROPIC OF CANCER IS PASSING FROM HERE’. Don’t miss that board on your way to Kalo Dungar. The board is utterly pleasing because…

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    Top three places to visit in Bhuj

    Bhuj stole my heart. I always sensed that we had zero to see in Bhuj bar when we keep on hearing the word ‘Kutchi manu hu’ in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Olta Chasma’. Jethalal keeps on haughtily muttering the word. Well, also I thought Rannotsav is the only festival to catch the eyesight of in Kutch. I wanted to visit Kutch just to check on Rannutsav. But, touch wood, when I stepped in Bhuj, well, that was where we stayed, I was taken aback.

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    Dynamic sacrifice of Sheikh Ladhasa Pir – Foundation of Kutch fort

    No sooner he visited, Devi appeared in his dream guiding him about the man who would arrive from the North direction in black attire. Maharav lost his sleep and the next day while he was waiting in the North direction, he saw a man arriving sitting on a bull. He readily showed his eagerness to sacrifice his own life for the sake of the kingdom. The name of this brave person was Sheikh Ladhhasa.

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    Theme Reveal- Blogchatter AtoZ challenge 2021

    Travel broadens the mind. I feel that we are not trees and we have legs. We are made to move so we should explore places. Nonetheless, we should give importance to our roots before heading to other countries. Whenever I visit a place, I get the vibe and energy of the place. If I get juggled up with it, I just dig the lava out of the mountain by probing the statistics the way I get.

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    Adalaj ni Vav- Historical step well of Gujarat

    Are you interested in knowing the magnificent history that lies behind Adalaj ni Vaav? If, yes. Stick on. This well was built to fetch the water that lied deep beneath the Earth and so it is Five storey altogether. It was constructed during the reign of Veer Singh Vaghela in 1499 AD. However, before the construction met its final touch, the kingdom was attacked by Mohammed Begda who tend to be the Muslim ruler of the kingdom nearby.