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Blogchatter A to Z theme reveal post 2023

Blogchatter always holds a unique place in my heart because it proffered me the title of an AUTHOR. So, here I am back again, with a cup of tea on my table and running my fingers swiftly on the keyboard. my heart, mind and fingers align while I draft this. It has never been so fun especially if you are an ardent reader and writer by choice and author by chance. I dream a lot, time travel in my dreams question what I come across and that led me to develop a soft corner for history and eagerness to know what all happened where I survive today. These again led to people who occupied my culture and think about their type and style of living, their way of surviving and the skills they acquired. I always heard from grandparents and golden agers about sincerity and the discipline Indian people had in the previous era. To be honest, I was shocked as I see gen Z not even observing any sort of earnestness in learning anything new, leave alone the old things.

This thirst led me to search for ancient culture, especially India and my roots went deeper and deeper every coming day. Keeping that in mind, Vedas, Upanishads, and Epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan paved the path to my desire of learning my own culture. Reading that, I realized that we are so engrossed in fitting ourselves in our jeans that we have forgotten the real essence of the sari. Meaning, we consider backwards if we speak our language and a person not knowing English is considered uneducated. We have set this standard ourselves. When we speak of superheroes or night stories, all we teach our kids is Spiderman, Superman, hulk and Cinderella. But our kids are unaware of our superheroes who were way more powerful than any other unreal heroes. over and above, these heroes and stories were real. Our kids are missing the real essence of our history just because we are unable to transfer them. We must pass on these super powerful and motivational stories of our superheroes to our coming generation and make them more humble and cultural lovers. Every country has its own culture and so do we. The culture of India is way older and rich than any other culture in the world. So keeping that in mind, I am going to pass on stories of superheroes to my coming generation. My A to Z theme will reveal superheroes and stories from my own culture. STORIES FROM VEDS, UPANISHADS AND EPICS.

I will be giving my bit to the coming generation by showing them the superpower which our ancestors achieved merely through practice, motivation, control and respect. Stories are going to make an impact, especially on kids. Elders who are interested in learning such stories can give a sneak peek too. All the best to all the people who are going to take part in the blog chatter challenge. Let’s give our bit and make this world a better place for the people who will acquire after us.


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