Arjuna- The mighty warrior

Mahabharat is an epic, history that upholds a special place in our heart. We have many learnings to take from that. In the entire Mahabharat, one character that upholds the top most place in everyone’s mind is Arjun. Also known as Dhananjaya, he plays a special role in the epic Mahabharat. Arjun is the third Pandava after Yudhisthir and Bheema followed by twins Nakul and Sahdev. Arjun is well known for his archery skills but do you know how did he achieve that? We always tend to forget the hard work a person gives behind achieving something magnificent. Let’s have a look at qualities that made him stand apart from rest of the characters.

The incidence takes place in the ashram of Rishi Drona. Guru Drona was appointed as the Rajguru of Kauravas and Pandavas who were the royal princes of Hastinapur. He was teaching his students the skills of archery. As a lesson he set a wooden bird on the branch of the tree and made every student stand at a distance from the tree. One by one he asked each Pandava and Kaurava about what they could see at a distance? Duryodhan could see many things around the tree including the wooden bird. Yudhisthir could see the ant hills at the bottom along with the bird. Bheema could see the mangoes on the tree as well. Guru Drona was not happy. By not getting the answers he wished, he did not ask anyone to shoot. But when Arjuns turn came, with bow and arrow in his arms he said, “ Guruji, I can only see the eye of the bird.” Dronacharya was much satisfied with his answer and it was this time that he asked to shoot. No sooner the arrow leaved the bow of Arjun, it directly hit the birds eye. What do we learn from this incidence? We as a humanbeings tend to lack concentration in whatever work we lay our hands upon and we get distracted by many things around. Same as other Pandavas and Kauravas got distracted from the ant hills, beauty of nature, mangoes and many more. But, it was just Arjun who who could see nothing but the eye as he concentrated on his target and removed his concentration from elsewhere. If, we do the same and give our 100 % in whatever we do, we are sure to hit our target! We should always remove the obstruction and that can be possible only by our own will.

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