Dakor- The place where Shri Krishna settled for devotee.

    Dakor Dakor- Where Ranchodrai chose to live I feel many a times that God is always misjudged. Show him love and he will cross yugas to be with you. Shower him with devotion and he will show you his real side. He is no one else but Shri Krishna. It is kalyug and it is said that Gods doesn’t show up easily as kalyug is the period where kali has taken over. People in this yuga are more towards material pleasure, they commit crime more and they are less into spirituality. They are simple mortals who are far away from the real meaning of life and do not beyond in…


    Bheems Control

    Ekadashi is considered to be the most auspicious day and when it comes to fasting it is to be done strictly even without water for the whole day and night which means for twenty-four hours. he was very guilty but he did not have a solution. On one such holy day, Bheem approached Ved Vyasji- the writer of Mahabharat and asked, " Grandfather, I can do everything that is supposed to be done on Ekadashi. I give charity to the poor and brahmins, I donate clothes but, I am not able to observe fast, which leaves me with guilt in my gut".

  • Gandhi nu gam- kutch
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    Gandhi nu Gaam in Kutch – A village that stood the test of time

    It was that murky day of 26th January 2001, I was sitting there learning for my exams and my house started crackling and bursting. Unable to understand what it was, I heard cries and shouts outside my house. It was a massive earthquake. Gujarat was struck by the upsetting earthquake and everything was scattered into tits and bits. Not only belongings but living beings too. Affected by this gargantuan natural anger, was one village in Kutch called Ludiya. It was wholly shattered into pieces and it was problematic to get that intact. An NGO from Ahmedabad joined hands together with the people of the village and established the village again.

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    Mahudi – A religious shrine not to missed in Gujarat

    Prasad is pious and should not be wasted. So, though offered at minimal cost, make sure to take how much you can have. Now, what is unusual about this ritual? Now, whenever we visit a certain sacred place, we think of carrying prasad back home so that it can be offered to those who did not visit along. But it is not the case with this Sukhadi prasad.

  • Lakshmi Villas Palace
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    Lakshmi Vilas Palace – Palace of the royals

    Lakshmi Villas Palace in Vadodara is a huge Palace rooted on the Rajmahal road in Vadodara. Also, known as Gaekwad city from the name of the rulers that once ruled the city, it hosts this Palace that is four times bigger than Buckingham Palace. If you have not visited this palace, definitely you are missing something. It is like a dream. While you step into the backyard of the palace that hosts the massive golf course, the vibes are amazing. I felt like heaven and couldn’t admire it less after I was done with the visit. 

  • Lakshmi Villas Palace Vadodara
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    Laxmi Villas Palace- A marvel in Vadodara

    Laxmi Villas Palace in Vadodara consists of booming 170 rooms. It is the biggest private residence and is considered to be four times bigger than Buckingham Palace. It is an architectural marvel and stands with pride on the Rajmajal road of Vadodara. Vadodara is also known as Gaekwad city was ruled by Gaekwads, the Maratha family.

  • Fishes and fishes
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    Aquatic Gallery in Science city- A place not to be missed

    Aquatic Gallery one of a kind is a must-visit place if you belong to Ahmedabad or not. Aqua life is considered to be the very first life on Earth since it turned out liveable. As per our scriptures, the amoeba was the first creature to exist nowhere else but in water. Our Earth consists of three parts of water and so does the out body. So, it cannot be ignored, and nor does can live in it.