Lakshmi Villas Palace

Lakshmi Vilas Palace – Palace of the royals

Lakshmi Villas Palace in Vadodara is a huge Palace rooted on the Rajmahal road in Vadodara. Also, known as Gaekwad city from the name of the rulers that once ruled the city, it hosts this Palace that is four times bigger than Buckingham Palace. If you have not visited this palace, definitely you are missing something. It is like a dream. While you step into the backyard of the palace that hosts the massive golf course, the vibes are amazing. I felt like heaven and couldn’t admire it less after I was done with the visit.

Why visit Lakshmi Villas Palace?

  • It is one of the massive palaces you might have ever seen.
  • It is a palace that still is a private residence to the Gaekwad family
  • It is four times bigger than Buckingham palace
  • It is not only a private residence but the largest private dwelling residence.
  • It is spread across the sprawling 700-acre property
  • It is in houses museum too.
  • A private golf course
  • You can take this tour with ease as you have a guided audio tour and that too in your preferred language.
  • It was the majestic structure that was built as a part of the private residence for Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

Rooted between a massive yard and sprawling field, Lukshmmi Villas Palace is one of the luxurious residences in the World. For the construction of the palace, Major Charles Mant was recruited as an architect. It is marvel for sure. He was one of the famous architects of his time. The construction for this building was almost completed in 1890 AD. It had elevators in those times when elevators had hardly stepped in.

Entrance of Lakshmi Vilas Palace
Entrance of Lakshmi Vilas Palace


Lakshmi Villas Palace
Lakshmi Villas Palace

The exterior of the Palace is made up of golden stone which gives the reflection of gold during sunset and sunrise. It is built entirely in the indo-Saracenic style, the structure consists of domes and chattris. Also, a reading light was mounted on top which indicated if the king was in the residence or not. It is one of the majestic palaces of time and still holds beauty.

Visiting this place is a must if you visit Gaekwad city Vadodara anytime.


Timings to visit:


Lakshmi Villas Palace
Lakshmi Villas Palace



Massive Golf Course
Massive Golf Course

It is open all the days of the week except Monday.




Tickets are available from the palace itself and you can avail discount by clubbing museums together.


Photos are not allowed inside the palace thinking of the privacy of the residents. However, you can take breathtaking pictures of the palace from outside which holds a different beauty altogether.

Many different heritage sites and buildings can be covered in Vadodara. However, covering this palace alone requires more than 2 hours. You are given an audio guide and that too in your preferred language. You can stop and start at your convenience as per the timings you spend at a single spot.

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