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Zen garden in Ahmedabad – All things you should know

Zen garden in Ahmedabad is something that we might have only thought about. Ahmedabad Management Association in Ahmedabad has come out with such an impression which is no more an idea but is a realism now. Zen garden is a remarkable concept of Japan that has been executed in India. Zen garden in AMA Ahmedabad is fashioned weaving minute features that we might not know otherwise. Zen garden is a tranquil yet imaginative rock garden that manoeuvres feature that would take your nerves. Right from the gate, you get the vibes that bring your mind to the highest point of holiness. No wonder, coming up with such an exceptional concept would have a superior mind that worked a day in and out.


What is a Zen Garden?

Zen garden in AMA
Zen garden in AMA

Zen garden is an explicit garden created out of the soil, gravel, rocks that is a miniature style landscape. It composes of rocks, gravels, water, pruned trees, bushes, moss. Sand and stones are organized in such a manner that whims ripples. The view that I got in Zen Garden in Ahmedabad gave me goosebumps. Small planning that consists of all the special features of Japan will leave you in awe. Visit this place for an experience you would find nowhere else but Japan.

The idea behind Zen Garden Ahmedabad


Visit AMA and you will be amazed to check in the picturesque Zen Garden. When Mr Narendra Modi the then Chief Minister of Gujarat visited Japan has installed the seed of the idea of Zen Garden. He was ardent about bringing in that serves as a link between India and Japan. Japan turned out to be an active business partner from 2009 onwards and all things worked positively. Zen garden in Ahmedabad is developed to showcase the Japanese culture in a unique way to Indians. We all know, Ahmedabad Management Association is a unique place for businesses and promotion. So, the idea of setting up a Zen Garden would be best at such places. The staff of AMA Ahmedabad have worked rigorously without looking back to install the basics and theme of what really exists in Japan. You can feel the vibes no sooner you enter the place. It is all created in association with Hyogo, Japan. They lend in hand with technical expertise which you will find mounted in minute details of Zen Garden.


Features of Zen Garden Ahmedabad

                                                                                                                                                   Beautiful Entrance of Zen garden

Right from you enter, you would be hailed with an amazing sand garden created of sand, chips, gravels and stones used are Awaji stones and sand used here is found from the volcanic eruption. The image created is of ripples in water. You will find an amazing8 Zen-Kaizen Garden feature and map of Gujarat in specially carved stones. I fell in love with this Zen Garden. No sooner than you move forward, you will be greeted by the serene and peaceful sound of water that calms your mind, body and soul. Taki Waterfall was created in such a unique way that makes you feel closer to nature and mother Earth. Waterfalls are usually beautiful but one created here in such a unique style is worth a watch. You can visit my profile for videos and amazing photos of Zen Garden. Come across the most amazing fusion of India. You might have come across my post of Chabutaro a while beforehand. If not, click here before reading thisChabutaro is nothing but a bird feeder that was installed in every pole of the old city. Usually in the foremost part of India. Here, in Zen Garden, a unique structure is erected that is a fusion of Chabutaro. Now, what is a fusion Chabutaro? It is nothing else but an Indian style Chabutaro (bird feeder) built in a style of Japanese architecture. Check this picture out. It looked amazing. Upon being asked about the Idea, I came to know that it was the Idea of the president to give a fusion to the garden since it was ingrained in India. Japanese garden with an Indian touch had all my heart. 

Fusion Chabutaro
Fusion Chabutaro

Wall glass paintings

Later, started the Kaizen Hall that was created in such a manner that I felt I was in Japan. Right from the roof, tiles used on walls, picture and wood windows, Lady in Kimono, and the Sacora flowers that covered the major moving glass door was so intricately carved that I had no words. March end is usually when Sacora trees bloom. Also, as unique as Air conditioners used are of Hitachi which symbolized Japanese. This hall is created with a vision of holding meditation, programs, and lectures related to Japan, its culture, language and promoting it.

                                                                                                                                                                   Bodhi Vruksh

Do you have tea or coffee in the morning?

                                                                                                                                                                 AMA Azumaya

I am a die-hard tea lover, trust me. When it comes to Japan, tea is ceremonial. Tea is not a drink but a feeling for the Japanese and so, AMA Azumaya has been centred to bring forth the same feeling. Setting up a tea house is initiated very devoutness and sacraments as if a temple has been set up. I admired the feelings associated with the tea house. As in we take due care before our meals, a Tsukubai Basin has been set up where people follow the ritual of washing hands before entering the tea house. Tea is nothing but nectar that oozes sparkle out of a person and brings a new life out. Such, gazebos give an effect but standing tall as a monument in the centre of the garden. A small red bridge known as Red Bridge Guzei is built too that leads to a gazebo that passes through rocks, water and a consistent flow of mist that streams giving a being in Heaven.

Zen Garden Ahmedabad
           Tsukubai Basin


No sooner you will be greeted by the Torii gate that is superbly painted in bright red colour giving it life. Kaizen hall gets started which accompanies traditional sliding door and round window in Japanese architecture. Shikora flowers give an amazing touch to the door’s paintings. You will be amazed to see paintings of Red Mount Fuji that is considered holy by Japanese people. How can be a Zen Garden complete without the statue of Buddha? So, there you come along. A peaceful statue of Buddha known as Hyogo Daibutsu is a miniature of Grand Buddha Nofukuji at Kobe, Hyogo. A peaceful figurine that is surrounded by bamboos and grasses that give a unique look and feel to the entire Zen Garden based in AMA Ahmedabad. The palm that covers the head is Musa palm that flows amusingly above the head f Buddha. Bamboo grooves are plants in such a manner that peeps out of the rocks giving it a feel of authenticity. Also, a plant is procured from Japan which has started flourishing in the land of India.

Red Mt. Fuji

Red Mt. Fuji

This entire set-up was hard work of AMA staff that included Mr Mukund Patel, Mr Sandip Shah and other staff who was specially trained in Japan before implementing it. I loved the unique concept that shows the union of India and Japan thus, strengthening the bond and relationship between the two countries.

                                                                                                                                            Kady in traditional Japanese dress- Kimono

Wall glass paintings

Wall paintings

When can you visit?

This place is not open yet but will so be open to the public. It was free of cost but arrangements are being made wherein registrations will be taken online and a group of people would be allowed as planned and registrations. So, watch on the site of Ahmedabad Management Association and book it as soon it is opened! 

Click here to check.

PS: Due to this pandemic, more people will not be allowed to visit at a single time and slots will be created. Make sure to take proper care while visiting this garden. If not, enjoy a virtual tour through this blog.

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