The Serenity Trust- Nature’s abode in Ahmedabad

The Serenity Trust – Library and Botanical Garden

You rise from Earth and you subside in Earth. Earth takes care of our existence till we breathe and then we have to give back all we took from her. Mother Earth takes care of us without thinking of itself a bit and that’s a reason it is called Mother. Here amidst this chaos and hustle-bustle exists one serene place that is hidden and is no less than a gem. Based in Ahmedabad lies a place that is heaven in the true sense. I came across this place and I couldn’t agree less. Lying across massive 10-acre land this is a huge property that praises nature in its true sense. Owned by Mr Firdaus Cambatta and Mrs Yasmin Cambatta this place in Koteshwar are nature’s abode and heaven for phytophiles. 

Pelican flower
Pelican flower

Think of a tree and it exists there. Around nine hundred species of plants and trees will leave you in awe and innumerable species of animals that feel safe from the predators like a human. At the point, you enter you are warned to not ruin the peace of nature by chit-chatting loudly and disturbing the creatures that feel home abode. We are not the king and we simply co-exist along with other creatures who have equal rights on the land we think is ours forever. 

popat flower
popat flower

There are around 840 species of trees and plants, 120 species of birds that rule the land and can you simply guess, how many species of butterflies? Huge 57 species! That’s amazing. You can even find monitor lizards, turtles, hares, porcupines, hedgehogs, boars, nilgai, reptiles and insects. It is a blessing in disguise for botany students and those who love nature. Also, for nature photographers, this is a place that offers amazing shots! So, if you are a photographer who captures moments of animals and nature, this is the place! 

Nature's Umbrella

Nature’s Umbrella

We started with our nature educator Mr Narendra Bankola who is also known as a ‘Nature man’. The way he explains the species and the knowledge he shares, one might feel he is one amongst them. Right from water lilies to periwinkles, mickey mouse flower tree to tree that offers perfumes, you name it and you find it. If you are amongst nature, I am sure you need not find anything elsewhere. We too were explained about the species of spider and the type of web it creates. To date, I didn’t know they created any type of net apart from a haveli in some horror movie. I enjoyed the site trust me, because of the knowledge that was pouring in. 

Spider Lily
Spider Lily

There is a herbal garden that spreads and creates amazing tuning with nature. Also, an artificial pond is created that attracts various species of ducks and various other birds. We came across some plants that might have grown in anyone’s garden and we might have uprooted thinking it to be a weed, but it had a medicinal purpose. I was not only amazed but stunned. Every plant and tree are labelled with minute details. You will even come across Nagalinga flower or Shivlinga as it said that has natural Shivalinga in the flower. Nests, honeycombs, webs, and various other natural habitats are so beautifully weaved by each creature. 

Covering the entire place in a single shot takes more than three hours if want to have true knowledge of the land. I took at least one thousand pics and still wasn’t satisfied; such was the aura of the place. A library that has books and seeds that you can check on. Peacocks roam with ease and you might be lucky enough to spot the snake. Sound of nature and light that is no less than heaven mixes at this place to create an aura that makes you feel you are not on Earth. Heaven might be this. 

What does it offer:

Nature offers you everything but to keep things less complicated, things are organized in a much better way. 

There are ample activities that take place. Some of those are:

  • Nature trails
  • Photo-walks
  • Nature art and craft
  • Screening of documentary films
  • Teachers training programmes
  • Over-night camps
Bankola Family
Bankola Family

This place is beautifully maintained by the Bankola family and you can not admire it less. Also, I was amazed at the compost pits that were created at intervals which meant that tresses of nature go back to nature in the form of manure. Recreation and also rainwater is harvested by creating a slope and the water goes back into the ground with the help of pipes. It was worth admiring. Solar panels that stood proudly speaking about the usage of natural things that were made at the Serenity Trust.

compost pit
compost pit

Visit this place and you will be left speechless. 

We started our tour at 2 PM and ended at 6 PM but still, I wanted more. You can book your slots by calling them. 10 people are allowed to look at the current situation of Corona. You will be amidst nature so you must take due care yourself. Shoes and full sleeves are compulsory to avoid mosquito bites. You can carry your food and water which you can relish at the given time in the massive cafeteria. Around ten to fifteen thousand people visit yearly to relish the place. Also, school tours are organized wherein knowledge about co-existence, sustainability and nature are given in detail. Documentaries are shown right at the start which makes the tour of the serenity trust more interesting. 

And guess what? You can enjoy the best Chula Cha which is prepared by none other than Jasmaben. She is down to Earth and the majestic lady that welcomes visitors like her own family. I relished tea and trust me, the tea I had I never had it elsewhere in my Entire Life. You might end up visiting this place again for her tea too! The amount of herbs she dips in makes you feel more grounded and relaxed. The Serenity Trust Library and Botanical Garden is a place that you must visit to check on the nature that exists amidst a chaotic life. 

Authentic chulha
Authentic chulha

Right from a flower that looks like Shivlinga, to a flower that is known as a Mickey Mouse flower and the fruit that oozes blood colour, you will find it all here. Aquatic life booms on a different level and butterflies create an atmosphere that cannot be forgotten. If you are a nature lover, it is

Details of the place:

The Serenity Trust

Library and Botanical Garden



Phone No: +91 8866253214

Contact person: Mr. Narendra Bankola

I am also attaching the flyer for more details. 

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