Lakshmi Villas Palace Vadodara

Laxmi Villas Palace- A marvel in Vadodara

Laxmi Villas Palace in Vadodara consists of booming 170 rooms. It is the biggest private residence and is considered to be four times bigger than Buckingham Palace. It is an architectural marvel and stands with pride on the Rajmajal road of Vadodara. Vadodara is also known as Gaekwad city was ruled by Gaekwads, the Maratha family. This huge structure was built in 1890 AD for Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. This palace is full of marble, colourful tiles and has marvels from around the world.

Is this open for visitors?

Yes, this palace is open for visitors and you can visit it any day of the week except Mondays. Timings are from 9 AM to 3 PM. However, a part is open for a view from inside as it remains as a private residence for the Royal family. The marvel is huge and when you visit this place you can think of the glory the kings had. Rooms are massive and have a beauty of their own. It has a massive golf course which stands as a private one, the architecture of the huge Palace is worth a watch.

Lakshmi Vilas Palace Vadodara
Lakshmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

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It is the most elegant and stands as a landmark in the city of Vadodara. It was built by famous architect Charles Mant. It has Indo- Saracenic architecture. Apart from its awe-inspiring architecture, it has an amazing interior as well. The entrance gate is royal and you can enjoy the lavish palace in all its beauty. It took around 12 years for this marvel to be erect in the most lavish style of the day. Darbar Hall is huge was used for gatherings and social programs. You get an audible speaker guide in your preferred language that guides you to each part and piece of the palace.

Entrance Porch of Lakshmi Vilas Palace
Entrance Porch of Lakshmi Vilas Palace


Some awe-inspiring facts about Lakshmi Vilas Palace

  • It is a rare structure found in the World
  • Huge Palace, which stands 4 times bigger than Buckingham palace
  • It is still a private residence
  • Elevators were inbuilt during those times when Elevators were alien to the world
  • Luxurious interior
  • The massive golf course was specially built for European guests.
  • It had a miniature train line that was used for commuting for royal children.
  • It is constructed on the massive 700-acre land
  • Gaekwad’s ruled Vadodara once upon a time.
  • It was a palace that was initially built for only people.

This Palace is huge and you can get a glimpse of it by visiting it. Don’t miss this palace of you visit Vadodara by any chance.

Side view of Lakshmi Villas Palace
Side view of Lakshmi Villas Palace


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Cost for a visit

You can visit this palace for INR 125, however, if you have enough time you can also club Museum together. Photography is not allowed inside the palace, however, you can take many pictures of your content from outside the Palace. Trust me, the outside view is Paisa Vasool. It will take around 2 hours if you are there for photography. If museum, you require more timings. Many celebrities have visited this palace and they don’t stop singing the glory.

Entire view of giant Lakshmi Villas Palace
Entire view of giant Lakshmi Villas Palace

There is ample structure around the World, but Lakshmi Villas Palace is noteworthy for several reasons and will remain as a silent structure they speak the glory of once upon rulers of Vadodara.

Massive Golf Course
Massive Golf Course 

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