Kids are not our property

I now and always felt that I am not able to give my fullest to my kids. This is the situation that is confronted by not only me but I suppose every single parent on this planet. We are not gratified with what we are giving our young ones. However, nobody on Earth has ever known how to do it well and what is the best way to parent a child. Even if you are having half a dozen broods roaming around, you are still learning. In fact, instead of parenting my kids, my kids trained me on how to be a parent. I was the one who learned from them and still learning. Kids are not our property and so we don’t have any right to yell or spank them. Our part is only to guide them to be a better person in order to live life with pure happiness and joy.

Kids teach us to work upon ourselves

Have you ever noticed that kids are almost our replica? They speak, work, walk, stand as we do. It is very necessary to control our behaviour and attitude especially in front of kids. I learned to control my behaviour in front of my kids. I checked that I was throwing tantrum which made them do the same. I corrected it there. They observe us very carefully and keenly. Picking up everything from our behaviour is the only task they are left with. They don’t only pick up but exaggerate it and present it in front of the society especially where it is not needed. Correct me if I am wrong. If we think we are superior to kids, then we are wrong. We are only a few more years experienced than them and that doesn’t give us any right to overpower them.

Creating necessary atmosphere

If you want your kid to be brought up in a better way, it is vital to create the necessary ambiance. This obtains a large part of parenthood. It is important to create a necessary climate so that wings of your birds open to its fullest enough to tackle everything. If you give extreme climate you are sure to nurture wingless birds. You must have noticed this in reality as well. Where mother Earth gives extreme climate, birds have no wings. This applies to our parenthood too. It depends on us, what kind of humankind we will be made available to the future society.

Nurturing healthy way of questioning

You must have noticed that kids have that irritating way of questioning everything they come athwart and we numerous times just flout that by giving absurd answers. It would only suppress their inquisitiveness about the thing they were curious to learn. Questioning everything is sick occasionally but we can have our kids question healthily so that only adds more information to dipper the little knowledge they already had. It sharpens their skills and knowledge about the gears. Questioning shows that your child is intelligent.

All we have to give our child is a healthy body, intelligence, and proper education as per our affordability without giving them any sense of identity.  If they are identified by anything, it is only going to make them lame. Let them create one of their own. We are not sure, who they will meet in the course of a lifetime but by creating an atmosphere of love, joy, and happiness, we will certainly make sure that they would be happy with their life and will be blooming to their maximum potential.

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