Dealing with post pregnancy weight

Pregnancy brings in so many changes in one’s life. Let it be physically, emotionally, financially and even mentally. One of the biggest challenges for women after delivery is losing the weight that was gained due to pregnancy. It becomes one of the biggest issues. Those skinny jeans look like a dream to us.

Gaining of 10 to 15 kilograms of weight is no joke

Yes, you read it right. Pregnancy comes with a weight gain which might be equal to or more than 10 to 15 kilograms. I gained 15 kilograms of weight. Those extra tires along your waist line, that chubbiness on your cheeks, extra handful of thighs and changes in your breast brings the new beast out of you. It has always been an issue for females since ages to lose that extra weight.  First of all delivery itself helps you to loose certain amount of weight gain. However, breast feeding baby requires lots of nutrients which makes compulsory for mothers to have nutritious and healthy food.  

Certain points to keep in mind while breast feeding

Yes, losing weight is important but more important is keeping track of your health. Pregnancy is not an easy job. Your body is a miracle as it has manufactured portent out of you. Appreciate it. Don’t be in hurry as it takes a while to shed those extra pounds off you. Do not hurry to get in your jeans as it might affect your health and that would be dangerous in your later life.  Slowly and steadily you can start by taking walks and jogging. You can also join yoga classes at first to release stress off you. Delivering a baby is no easy job and you have done a great job. Your body is tired and it needs rest to release that tension so take it easy. Exercise but not too hard.

Baby itself will help you lose weight

Baby is not aware of day and night and so it has uneven sleep cycles. It wakes up at night and might sleep for the whole day. However, things are not similar with us. Changing diapers, waking up and doing the chores while they are asleep, less sleep and more work will help you shed weight. Do your babies work and it will help you bond with him too.

Eating healthy

Most important thing is to keep track on what you are eating. Less time doesn’t mean you can eat whatever comes in your hand. You have to keep track of what you are eating. Munching on nuts and health food instead of unhealthy stuff will help you to get off those tires. Strict no to diet for some time as your body as gone through lots of stress and it requires nutrients to heal.

Eating healthy and staying fit should be your mantra. Trust me you will get back in your jeans soon. Happy motherhood!


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