Eight healthy foods during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the phase of life that needs more attention and care. Your body requires extra care and nutrients. Outgrowing weight that carries your baby is something not less than a miracle. Keeping in mind, it is vital to keep food and nutrient intake. Most common question that arises in all and sundry’s mind is what to eat while pregnant.

 Here is a small guide of foods to eat while pregnant. It is important to have proper intake of vitamins and minerals. Pregnancy comes with lots of do’s and don’ts for food. Safe food during pregnancy


Eggs are a healthy option during pregnancy but make sure the yolk is firm. They are the pack of nutrients and is considered as one of the superfood to consume, especially during pregnancy. Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals. Never consume raw or partially cooked eggs. It is harmful. Eggs are vital source of protein and protein is needed for the growing baby inside your womb.


Milk is important source of nutrient not only for pregnant woman but for one and all. It is considered as whole food as it has all the necessary vitamins needed for the body. It is important for brain development and should be included in ample amount during the beautiful phase of pregnancy. It also helps keep track of your weight. Drinking atleast 3 glasses of milk during pregnancy is recommended by the doctors.

Fruits and vegetables

We would have heard from our parents and grandparents, “ Eat those fruits and veggies”. Well, it is right. Fruit and vegetables all-time favorite and should be included in your diet in order to keep track of the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the growing baby inside your womb. Different fruits and vegetables are different source of necessary minerals so it should be eaten accordingly by concerning your doctors.


A big yes to sprouts as it is a big source of nutrient, especially when you are vegan or vegetarian. Include all sorts of sprouts in your diet to stay fit and help your baby grow well inside you.


The baby growing inside you will require lots of vitamin D and calcium. Apart from milk, yoghurt is an important source to catch up with calcium. Include that in your daily diet.


It contains lots of protein and are quiet handy and easy to carry and eat on the go. Mix and match it and have it to boost that protein in your body.

Dried fruits

Apart from nuts, dried fruits are a important source of proteins and vitamins. Including that in your diet will help develop your baby’s brain properly. It helps give you and your baby an extra boost of energy.


Grains like wheat, oatmeal, bran, etc are important source of power packed carbohydrates and nutrients. Including that in your diet will help a lot and provide energy to your body. It will help you stay active in your entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a phase wherein eating proper food is important and if ignored it is definitely going to affect you and your baby in a later stage.


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