Care – Pre and Post pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase of woman’s life that brings key changes. It is vital to take care emotionally as well as physically. Caring during pregnancy comprises of pre pregnancy care as well as post pregnancy care. Imperative point is not overlooking to take care of yourself ones you have your little bundle of joy in your hands.

Pre – pregnancy care for expectant mother

Pre – pregnancy care drops the risk during pregnancy and thus safeguards the safe delivery of baby and good health of mother altogether.

Regular visit to doctors

It is important to have regular visits of your doctor to ensure the stage by stage development of your baby. Timely examination of baby and vitamins and necessary medications for mom are important. Moms who lack pre natal care have major chances to give birth to low birth weight babies. It starts at three months normally and further as recommended by doctors. Imperative things to take care during this lovely phase are

  • Timely medications and supplements
  • Dietary supplements if you lack certain vitamins
  • Avoiding any toxic substance or chemicals at home
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Regular visits to doctors and check ups
  • Taking care of your weight
  • Checking up of blood pressure on regular visits
  • Checking the position of fetus by concerning the doctor
  • You can also join yoga classes on later stage or do certain exercise as recommended

There would be many foremost changes and issues during pregnancy in the body of the woman which without hesitating should be brought into the notice of the doctors. It is very important to track growth of your baby for ensuring the sound health of the baby growing inside your womb.

Post Natal care

Pregnancy has already brought so many changes in you and your body, not only physically but mentally as well. Giving birth to baby is very shocking for first time mothers as it is lovely yet most painful. At the end it is all worth it as you have your little bundle of joy with you.  However, this is not the end of the journey that started with pregnancy and your belly. The major twists and turns are yet to start. Little infants are not sure of their sleep and wake cycle. They wake up and sleep anytime so it is important for mothers to get proper sleep to recover properly from the delivery.

Certain points to keep in mind post pregnancy

  • Sleep when your baby sleeps to ensure proper health
  • Your belly would be still bulging as uterus needs time to contract so have belly wraps
  • You have changed your size entirely from breast to waist
  • Your clothes don’t fit you anymore so don’t be shocked as it takes time since body took 9 months to expand it will take time to get back
  • Don’t hassle with dieting and exercises
  • Your body needs time to heal
  • Bond with your baby
  • Ask for help from others when needed, why not it be changing diapers alone.
  • Your husbands are your best friend and helpers during this period
  • Visit to doctor to check your body ones you are out of hospital
  • Get your baby vaccinated
  • Keep track of your diet
  • Breast feed as it is very useful for your baby and you both
  • It reduces the risk of cancer and helps in weight reduction too.
  • Besides it is vital source for growth of your baby.

Pre and post pregnancy care are very important for both the mother and baby so ensure to take proper rest to stay physically fit in your later life.


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