Ignoring the pregnant dad

As a expecting dad though you wouldn’t be able to experience the literal symptoms of pregnancy , however there would be ample of tasks that you would be facing ones your wife is pregnant. Get ready for the roller coaster rider. It happens all the time that expectant mother gets all the attention and expectant fathers feel that they are ignored.  Though it is her who bears the baby but consequences are faced by both of them.

There are various surprising symptoms for dads to be. You will experience situations that you have not faced before. Chilled nights, restless days and nights, heartburn and ample of fatigue are some of the symptoms that are experienced by the fathers to be.  Mood swings are not only experienced by the moms to be but by fathers as well. They have also to bear the changing mood swings of their partners and ignore theirs as it is not noticed by the society.

Thoughts like your life will never be the same again ones you have your baby, worrying emotionally and financially about your family. From couple you would be turning into a family. Many a times it happens fathers to be are not ready to face the consequences and they worry a lot. Speaking to your partners in such situation helps a lot.

Due to changing mood swings, changing emotions and fatigue sexual appetite decreases. Ones upon a time die to hard lovers turn into a lazy pig who would rarely want to look at each other. Uncomforting, tiredness, fatigue, are common causes of loss of sexual desire. Fathers gain weight too. Yes, you read it right. Along with mothers, fathers gain weight too during pregnancy of their wives. Mental and physical fatigue brings lots of aches and pains. Deal with them. It is important to stay in touch with your partner by communicating about each and everything. This will not only reduce the stress of you and your partner both but will help you ease out the entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a term related mostly to woman wherein males are ignored most of the time. Though mother to be bears all the stuff for nine months, fathers are the one who too goes through the changes without even getting noticed and appreciated. They also have to take responsibilities of their future family and it is one of the major things.


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