Journey of motherhood

An undefined word “mother” doesn’t have a start or the end. Right from the day of conceiving till the lady leaves the world, the word doesn’t lose its importance. Constant worry for the wellbeing of the one she brought into this world is another synonym of motherhood. Well, right from the day baby is conceived, the baby gets into touch with the one who carries her.

Baby and mom

Baby gets to know mother right from her womb. All she knows is the beating of the heart of her mum, music of the running blood and each and every sound her mother’s body makes. Baby is too much familiar and so is the reason, mother and baby is connected right before birth. Mother acts as a magician for the baby after the birth. She is the one who is able to calm the baby round if no one in the world is able to. Motherhood is word that cannot be defined in one single word. Constant worry let it be a working mother or stay at home, one thing that constantly nags her mind is the worry of her baby.

Mother is the best protector, nurturer, lover, friend, nurse, cook, helper, teacher and endless for the baby. When it comes to baby they can fight against the entire world, let it not be god itself for everything. When the baby cries, ‘maa’ is the first word it speaks out, no matter how old he/she gets.  It all comes naturally and is not taught by any one.

Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in life not only humans but any beings alive on earth. Mothers are strength, wisdom and love. We would be nothing without our mothers. Being a mom myself has made me so tired but so happy and complete. I am so happy to be able to take part in this cycle of creation. I fell my body is a miracle, it created an nurtured something which is nothing less than a marvel.

All love begins and ends here. This is what motherhood is called.


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