Killing back pain during pregnancy

One of the most common problems faced by females during pregnancy is back pain. There are n numbers of reasons to occur. It may start during the first trimester itself; however, most commonly it occurs with the start of the baby growth. It increases as your belly increases. Almost around 70 % of females suffer from back pain during pregnancy. However, you can get rid of them if you take certain precautions. Here are some potential reasons for back pain and techniques to solve them.

Reasons for back pain

  • Centre of gravity
  • Improper posture
  • Weight gain
  • Stress
  • Change in hormones

Centre of gravity

Center of gravity of body changes with increase in weight and bulging belly. It will eventually move forward with increasing uterus.

Cure: Since center of gravity changes till your baby is inside you, it is important to take care while walking, standing or doing any chores. If not done in proper way, it invites severe back pain and is difficult to handle.

Improper posture

Increasing belly brings in lots of discomfort and change in the posture. Long hours of standing, improper way of walking and improper way of sitting are mostly responsible of back pain during pregnancy.

Cure: it is very tough time for you and your body, but good news is your baby is growing and it requires extra room. So, take rest, walk properly and slowly. Sit straight with your spines upright. It usually occurs when your pelvis meets your spine. So it is important to take care.

Weight gain

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy and more weight invites lots of discomfort and problems. One of them is back pain. Normally females gain from 8 to 20 kgs of weight during pregnancy with leads to severe back pain.

Cure: Slow and steady exercise like walking can be done after speaking to your physician. It refreshes you. Also strengthens muscles and back. It is important to gain weight and nothing can be done as you have your baby growing in you. Weight gain is vital for goo health of you and baby both.


Stress is very common during pregnancy as it slows you down, creates problem in your day to day activity. You face emotional and physical issues. Back pain, other nauseas and increasing weight brings in lots of stress. Change that pregnancy brings in the body affects both mentally and physically.

Cure: it is important to talk to counselor if needed or friend is the best way to relieve stress. Walk in the garden and taking help of your partner is the best way to relieve stress.

Hormonal changes

Hormones play a lot during pregnancy and only pregnant lady can well understand that. Emotions are like roller coaster and they are up in a minute and down at other minute. A hormone named relaxin is secretes that helps the body to prepare for the birth. This further leads to other instabilities in the body and it causes back pain. It is important to speak to your partner about how you feel so that they can take you accordingly.

Back pain usually strikes to overweight ladies and ladies who have gained enough weight, however, it can be tackled with due care so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.


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