Believe it or not – They don’t stay kids forever

My house was quiet the whole day except the sounds of the air conditioners and refrigerators. I and my husband used to catch up at breakfast in the morning and dinner for night. Exchange of few words followed the sound sleep of the tired souls. Good news broke and we had our little bundle of joy in our hands. Our house was not quite any more. Chores and voices of hunger, discomfort, cradle, rattles, howling, playing, giggling filled up the air. I was tired first of all the mundane work I had to do following up the little one I had in my house. However, as she started taking up her steps and slowly and steadily started growing, we started missing her as a toddler. This was the point we realized something.

Kids grow up fast

Kids don’t stay kids forever. Take this as a warning or advice. They grow up in blink of an eye and you miss them. It was point you would be cuddling them in your arms and now they are care free in this world where in one point they will not be dependent on you and will require their own space.  Enjoy each day with them, let it be just making a howling sound, giggling with them, changing their diapers, laughing on silly jokes, pulling their legs or let is just be a ride in the park.  Enjoy every bit. Take a break from your job, take a day off for them, and listen to them no matter how silly they sound, be a kid along with them.

Make memories

Money doesn’t count. What count are memories. At the end of your life, when they will be busy making up for their life and you and your husband will have only memories to remember. This is how you should enjoy your parenthood. I wouldn’t say motherhood because fatherhood is also as important as motherhood. Fathers are the real heroes for the kids.

Fathers have their equal share

Believe me or not kid always look upon their father as first hero of their life. So be one. Fathers apart from being the bread winner of their family play an important role to care for the kids which they realize ones they grow up.  Kids are their life. They can ruin their life, donate a kidney, shamble their sleep, or even fight a lion for them.

At a point when they will grow up, you will realize you have missed a lot. You will miss them as a child at every step they grow. So live every moment by engaging with them. No book, no knowledge will help you to get to know your child better than you. You can learn this from your own understanding and time you spend with them. Instead of thinking it as a tedious job, love doing it. They are your utmost lover and no one in this world would love you more than them. They love you from all your heart.  Sometimes you can make them do what you love and oftentimes you can do what they love, why just not making a play dough or braiding hair of a doll?

They are the small miracles in your life. Appraise it, admire it. When you look at your children, you know that you got something perfectly right. When I look at them when they are asleep, I feel I am the luckiest one and I wonder what a miracle I manufactured. Do you feel the same? Comment below if you do.


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