F for Fatherhood

Arrival of babies bring hectic work schedule not only for mothers but fathers too. Fathers are the unsung heroes during this period. Though no one speaks about them, they have their own set of emotions and job. They have not only to take care of their new born baby but also to take care of the mental and emotional health of their wives too who are undergoing through vigorous hormonal change. They feel a gamut of sentiments. Being a father itself brings in lots and lots of responsibilities. Now from being a couple they get transformed into a family. Many a times, it happens it is hard for a guy to accept the truth and they feel that they are not ready. Speaking to wife in such case brings in lots of relief.

Father are great with their new born baby, be it a girl or a boy. They are as timid as a goat with their tender girl and they want their son to be as sturdy as a sports man. They see their future in them. There are different roles that fathers play which are not noticed by the society.

Fathers are the best baby sitters

Yes, you read it right. Fathers are the best baby sitters when mothers are not around. Though it might take a hell lot of time to clear up the mess or it would really be a shock when you are back to see the situation they have created.

Absolute protector

They are the best protector, when it comes to their kids. They would wrestle with the iron man or fight with the lion when it comes to their baby. When they are around, moms are rest assured. Moms grow extra love for their life partner when they see their husband loving their kids more than anything else in this universe. They are always over protective for their kids and you will find it. It always happened with my husband and my new born. Whoever tried to touch him, he would yell, “Don’t touch him, clean your hands first, your hands are dirty”. Best part is, they don’t feel that they are over protective. My husband didn’t even allow taking picture of my new born thinking it to be harmful for them at this stage.

Ultimate diaper changer

Yes, you read it right. They change diapers very well. Though they find it very nasty compared to that of moms but they do it with hidden pleasure. It is a major struggle for them to do so, however, they still do it. Moms find it adorable.

Award winning singer

When it comes to calm down the stressed baby, they can be an ideal singer.  Though only mums and baby find them to be ideal and sweet enough, babies usually calm down. Their singing skills will be out to the world with full fledge.

Wives will see new person out of the guy they loved. They find it so adorable that they fall in love with them time and again. Fathers are the best person for their babies and it is all worth it.


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