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    Theme Reveal- Blogchatter AtoZ challenge 2021

    Travel broadens the mind. I feel that we are not trees and we have legs. We are made to move so we should explore places. Nonetheless, we should give importance to our roots before heading to other countries. Whenever I visit a place, I get the vibe and energy of the place. If I get juggled up with it, I just dig the lava out of the mountain by probing the statistics the way I get.

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    God you really exist!

      Made people stay home, who had not stayed home ones in a while, Folks started playing the games they played in their childhood, Took out the carom boards and play cards which were lying somewhere in the corner of the attic The world started taking a U-turn. God, you really exist. Love you, God, you showed the right path to the lost man. You brought him back to his roots and back watching the shows he watched in his childhood. You gave him a slow down pill in this fast running life You proved that speed breakers are necessary to take a breath. You showed them how to breathe…

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    Recipe for Chocolate chips walnut brownie

      Recipe for Chocolate chips walnut brownie is not tricky. Do you have chocolates, brownies and cakes on the mind and you cannot go out get one or you don’t want to have one from outside? Homemade stuff is always more beneficial than the store-bought items. Let it not be chocolate. Chocolate chips and healthy walnut when plays together create healthy sutra that is sure to bring rasdhaar in your mouth right away. Well, it is not that tough to bake a brownie at home. Well, here rolls the recipe for trying your hands on perfectly baked Chocolate Chips walnut brownie. Ingredients required for baking moist and tasty Chocolate chips…

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    Enchanting Gir- National wildlife sanctuary

    Gir is the jewel of the ecological system of Gujarat. It is mainly famous for the Asiatic lions and is the only place for the lions on the Globe apart from Africa. Typically known as Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary it is a sanctuary that is located near the Talala Gir in the state of Gujarat. At a point of an era, there were only a dozen of lions left in the place and that became a serious issue of concern. It was Nawab of Junagadh who initiated the steps for the preservation of the lions and thus sanctuary came into existence. It the joint effort of the government…

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    Dealing with post pregnancy weight

    Pregnancy brings in so many changes in one’s life. Let it be physically, emotionally, financially and even mentally. One of the biggest challenges for women after delivery is losing the weight that was gained due to pregnancy. It becomes one of the biggest issues. Those skinny jeans look like a dream to us. Gaining of 10 to 15 kilograms of weight is no joke Yes, you read it right. Pregnancy comes with a weight gain which might be equal to or more than 10 to 15 kilograms. I gained 15 kilograms of weight. Those extra tires along your waist line, that chubbiness on your cheeks, extra handful of thighs and…