Enchanting Gir- National wildlife sanctuary

Sasan Gir

Gir is the jewel of the ecological system of Gujarat. It is mainly famous for the Asiatic lions and is the only place for the lions on the Globe apart from Africa. Typically known as Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary it is a sanctuary that is located near the Talala Gir in the state of Gujarat. At a point of an era, there were only a dozen of lions left in the place and that became a serious issue of concern. It was Nawab of Junagadh who initiated the steps for the preservation of the lions and thus sanctuary came into existence. It the joint effort of the government and the NGOs and various other animal lovers that the population of lions have grown over time.


It is a worth visiting place if you are an animal lover. Mind yourself while visiting as you will be in some one’s other residence. Residence of the lions, deer, crocodiles, hyena, leopards, pythons and various other animals. Gir is mostly famous for lions, however, it has inhabited various species of Flora as well. Teak, amli, vad, jambu, amla are some of the trees that behold the beauty of the forest. You get awestruck at the view of the mother nature that truly unfolds its true colour in the form of flora and fauna in the place. If you are a true nature lover and miss being with it amidst your busy life, this is the place to enjoy the sight of true nature. Deciduous forest of Gir houses around five hundred species of Fauna. The land of the Asiatic lion is the ideal reserve for the incredible varieties of wild creatures to move easily and securely.

Gir- wild life
Gir- Wild life

To make an imperial journey towards the grand hills of Sasan Gir, the wildlife lovers can get a marvellous opportunity to witness around 2,000 distinct fauna species of Gir. The Gir Forest Department also organizes “Lion Shows” for much entertainment. They make certain that you can see the lions at close range so they direct trackers early morning on an assignment to the located places and allure them with live enticements.

Lions of Gir

Apart from the main attraction of Gir, you can also visit Kamleshwar dam, adoring Tulsi Shyam Temple that is rooted between the national park and also the crocodile breeding farm. These are the popular tourist destination that can be visited along with the tour of Gir- the wildlife sanctuary. Gir National Park is broadly known for being a usual habitat of the Asiatic Lions and to get a view of these mesmerizing lions, wildlife lovers, wildlife photographers, specialists, zoologists and explorers love to tour around this place.

This place is the heaven for wildlife lovers and wild safaris in the deep wood forest offers an experience of a lifetime with an added cherry on the top of the curiosity of visiting and viewing the wildlife lovers. You can also visit the Maldhari Tribes as those are the people that stay nearest to the wildlife and have a culture of their own.

Local Tribes of Gir
Local Tribes of Gir

Best time to visit:
November to February is the best time of the year to visit the safari as the temperature doesn’t rise above 22 degrees C and that makes it easier for you to spot the animals enjoying the pleasant weather. So, the national park is magnificent and you won’t regret sure ones you make a plan to visit it. Make sure not to get off your safari while you visit the place in any case.
How to get there:
A permit for entering the park can be obtained at the Sinh Sadan Orientation Center. You can travel to Junagadh from main Ahmedabad railway station, airport or Rajkot. These are the nearest point. You can also hire a private taxi from these places to reach the Gir forest.
It is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India.

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