Fascinating Surat- Blend of flavour, tradition and cultures

Surat is the city rooted on the coast of the Tapi river. Taking us back to the time, it used to be one of the hefty seaports and is now considered to be commercial centre in Gujarat especially for textiles market. Britishers established their first trading port in Surat- Gujarat. The fascinating place Surat is also known as India’s western gateway because of its tactical position. People of many races from various places have come to Surat from the ancient times, and so the city has witnessed an intermingling of many traditions and cultures. Many people refer to the exceptional culture of Surat as the “Surti Culture”. Surti culture though discrete in its flavour still retains the essence of the Indian ethos. Surat is well acknowledged for its Diamond business and also titled as the “The textile city”.The city is said to have been founded by a Brahmin named Gopi, who constructed the Gopi Tank in 1516 and termed the area Surajpur or Suryapur. It has its history rooting back to Mahabharata and Ramayana. Established by the Tapi River, the city of Surat is ought to be a part of every tourist’s trip to the state of Gujarat. One of the spectacular and ever-growing cities of India, it is priced a visit for not just its diamonds, textile, and cross-stitch, but for the many gorgeous tourists lures too.Besides if you are a diamond lover, you are the right place. You get to shop for the best merchandise of silk as it is the hub of textiles. You think of a material and design of your choice and you find it at the best rates.Surat, apart from being the centre of textile, it is one of the prominent places that has flourished time and again, though being covered by rains and floods. Surti people are too passionate and they know how to make appropriate use of this one in a lifetime chance. Festivals are celebrated with full fervour. Many places are advanced for recreational and touring purpose. Try being in Surat and you will not regret sure. Places to visit in Surat are:

  • Swaminarayan Temple
  • Amazia Water Park
  • Science Centre
  • Vansda National Park
  • Hajira Village
  • Suvali Beach
  • Snow Park
  • Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden
  • Tithal Beach
  • Dumas Beach
  • Dutch Garden
  • Sarthana Nature Park
  • Surat castle

Surat is a place of beaches and nature lover. You will surely not get saddened if you visit this place. Cleanest and spotless city that has topped the map with n number of flyovers.Dumas Beach & Suvali Beach

Dumas Beach
Dumas Beach- Surat
Dumas Beach is a prevalent destination positioned in the vicinity of Surat, at a distance of 18 km. The palm-fringed seashores of Dumas are widespread among the ease travellers visiting Surat whereas Suvali Beach is a tranquil beach destination situated at a distance of 20 km far from Surat. This black sandy beach is visited habitually by seclusion seekers.Hazira Port
Hazira Port- Surat
Hazira Port- Surat
Hazira Port lies on the rivulet of the Arabian Sea and is identified for the two sulphur and iron-rich wells. The closeness of this port to the Persian Gulf has played a noteworthy role in numerous petrochemical projects that have contributed towards the development of the country. The Hazira Port is also related to the Arabian Sea through the Gulf of Khambhat which lies in the extreme west of the state.The Dutch GardenThe Dutch Garden or the Dutch churchyard is a popular magnetism of Surat, which is located near Kataragam Gate, at a distance of around 4 km from the city. The Dutch Cemetery is acknowledged for its olden mausoleums, erected in the memory of Dutch and British administrators who stabled in Surat for their corporate endeavours.Dutch Garden of Surat enfolds well remodelled gardens of old English and Dutch cemeteries which are illustrious by their architectural features. The tombs of Christopher Oxenden and George Oxenden, who became the central body of an English corporation in Surat, are the most prominent ones in the English graveyard.Amaazia amusement park
Amaazia Park- Surat
Amaazia Park- Surat
AMAAZIA is the first Combined Indoor Amusement Park of India. This Amusement park includes recreation, rest and entertainment in Surat. The amusement park has a lot of jaunts for the adult which contains the most electrifying and entertaining rides like Thrill Coaster, drop tower, Shocker and many more. Also, the Water Park rides include Aqua look, Tube Ride, Wave Pool & Kids Wet Spray Area as well.You think of a piece of entertainment in Surat and you find it. Surat is famous for the cuisines it has to offer and there is one famous proverb in Gujarati that says ‘Surat nu jaman and kasha nu maran’ is what we expect which means Surat food of Surat city and Death in Kashi city is what we yearn for in life.This post is written as a part of blogchatter AtoZchallenge. For more details on the challenge you can visit my posts.


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