Gaekwad city- Vadodara (Baroda)

Gaekwad city Vadodara was named after the Banyan tree as Kind Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad had too much love for nature and since there were too many Banyan trees on the banks of the river Vishwamitri- where the city is entrenched, it was named Vadodara meaning the city of Vads. Vad in Gujarati stands for Banyan Tree. The city has many attractions, however, one of the major attractions is the Laxmi Villas Palace. It serves as the royal residence of the Vadodara’s royal family- The Gaekwads.

The city that is well-known for its royal kingdoms, rich civilizations, and splendid past, Vadodara is not just an idyllic getaway for an unforgettable weekend but also an eminent city that oozes architectural intelligence. While you’re out and about in the attractive terrestrial of Vadodara, there are some spaces you surely cannot miss out on.

Here’s a list of the utmost remarkable ones!

• Laxmi Villas Palace
• Narmada Canal
• Kamati Baug
• Sursagar Lake
• EME Temple
• Makarpura Palace
• Vadodara Museum
• Suryanarayan Temple
• Nyaya Mandir
• Kirti Mandir
• Ajwa Nimeta Garden
• Nadalay Temple, and many more.

Laxmi Villas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace- Vadodara
Laxmi Vilas Palace- Vadodara

This is one of the most amazing and stunning structure oozing the architectural designs of the time. It is a palace that beholds 170 rooms and was constructed just for Maharaja and Maharani. The striking Laxmi Vilas Palace was constructed in 1890 and grabbed nearly twelve years to complete. It is built in the hybrid style of the Hindu, Gothic and Mughal architectural forms that constitutes domes, minarets and arches. Sprawling across an area of about seven hundred acres, it is still home-based to the noble family of Vadodara, the Gaekwads.

EME Temple

EME Temple- Vadodara
EME Temple- Vadodara

The EME temple is an intermittent devout paradigm which follows secularism and embodies five major religions of the ecosphere. Its assembly is covered with aluminium and not gold or silver and it is built by the forces of the Indian Army and is also run by them. The enthralling EME Temple in the EME road of the Vadodara City, Gujarat, was built by the Engineer Corps of The Indian Army.

EME temple was erected in the year 1966. The name EME stances for the word Electrical and Mechanical engineers corps of the Indian Army. The temple was strategically planned, sketched and created under the then Christian commandant of the EME School. The main divinity of the temple is Lord Shiva and the temple is fenced by small temples of small saints and gods, making an exact copy of the holy Amarnath temple that houses age-old deities from 7th to 12th century.

Ajwa Nimeta Gardens

Ajwa Nimeta-Vadodara
Ajwa Nimeta-Vadodara

Adorned with remodelled gardens, the Ajwa Nimeta Garden is a flawless spot to spend a relaxed weekend. Straggling across a massive span of 130 acres, the Garden is twisted after the Vrindavan Gardens.
Apart from many blossoming trees and trimmed and filed lawns, the Garden comprises numerous playgrounds for children and is a picture-perfect tourist place in Vadodara to relish a scenic picnic. The main attraction in the Ajwa Nimeta Garden is the melodic fountains that demeanour light and sound show that runs each evening from Monday to Friday. The perfect time to visit the Ajwa Nimeta Garden in the city is during the wintertime between November to February. During this period. The atmosphere is soothing enough to enjoy outdoor activity in the garden.

Makarpura Palace

Makarpura palace-Vadodara
Makarpura palace-Vadodara

Makarpura Palace is one of the model places to visit in the Gaekwad city Vadodara during summer. This palace was primarily built in 1870 with the cause that it will aid as a summer palace for the Gaekwads. With an Italian touch of architecture, it was refurbished after years it was built. However, it now assists as a training school and is run by the Indian Air Force.

Kamati Baug

Kamati baug-Vadodara
Kamati baug-Vadodara

Commonly known as the Sayaji baug or the Kamati baug is a massive park based in the city and a fanciful place of amusement. It encases A zoo, planetarium, toy train, An Egyptian mummy and a whale’s skeleton and a health museum. It is an eccentric place for children and the grown-ups as well. It is a park full of people all the time and delight of folks visiting this place time and again never ceases.

Vadodara is a calm and peaceful place with no massive bedlam. People living here are peace-loving and nature is what they adorn. Ones you get a chance to visit this place, for sure it will take your joy at par.

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