Haunted places in the state of Gujarat


Haunted places have their own occupiers who scare the shit out of the mortals. Gujarat is a place that is more often suitable for family outing having kids along. It is good to explore. It also has many pilgrimage locations that take you utterly out of the world and upholds your spirit in a different dimension. These places sometimes feel too mainstream and adventure lover need something else to feed their hunger of quest. Let me take you to another world of Gujarat that will give you hair-splitting experience and make you bite your fingernails right away.

GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

GTU Campus Ahmedabad
GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

The GTU campus located in Ahmedabad is well-thought-out to be one of the most haunted places in Gujarat by folks. There have been prerogatives of a woman’s voice being perceived and presence actuality felt; be it in the form of doors opening and closing deprived of reason, or furniture flying from a place to another without the presence of any physical form, the female spirit that is considered to be behind these unexplained happenings seems to be one aggressive spirit. It happens to be the most significant universities in Gujarat. Though it’s astounding that a demanding and packed place like this might be creepy, the fact that it still is shocks people to their jawbones. Considered to be one of the ghostly places in Ahmedabad, the university personnel, apprentices, and even locals believe that the GTU is sinister by the spirit of a woman who repetitively styles her occurrence felt, even during busy working hours.

People roving in the elevators have testified that they could intellect the existence of another person along with them. This makes to be the haunted place though being one of the crowded places in the state of Gujarat.

Avadh Palace, Rajkot

Avadh Palace, Rajkot
Avadh Palace, Rajkot

The well-known Avadh Palace is a huge mansion in Rajkot. It remains vacant and citizens do not venture anywhere near it for the most ruthless and distressing of reasons that make this place one of the most ghostly places in Gujarat.

According to local people, a girl was raped by a group of people and she was slain in the building. She was burnt in the same edifice and since then it is believed that she haunts the building. No one goads to visit this building in dark specifically alone. Her spirit still roams around the structure. Adversely because of this, this mansion is considered as the scariest and haunted place in the state of Gujarat. This palace resembles a mansion that is usually shown in a horror movie. Top of Form

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Dumas, Surat

Dumas beach Surat
Dumas Beach Surat

Dumas Beach in Surat is the most haunted place in Gujarat and people religiously follow not to visit this place after sunset. This place ranks at the top haunted lance in Gujarat that has paranormal movement. This beach is not a place for faint-hearted. Positioned about 21 km southwest of the active city of Surat, the beach is visited by college students and thrill fanatics who like to muddle with the laws of nature. Other than the level black sand and the pure beach waters, the seashore is famous for its shadowy past. The residents believe that this beach was the site of an olden Hindu cremation ground. They say that the black sand of the beach owes its colour to the ash formed from the incineration that got mixed with the sand.

It is believed that these ghosts have unsatisfied earthly wishes and now they roam everywhere near and around the beach, horrifying visitors. Many folks have reported seeing furtive things and hearing clangs of laughter there. But not all is known about the creepiest place in Gujarat since numerous of these visitors have been lost since they ventured onto the beach.


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