Incomparable hill station in Gujarat- Saputara


Incomparable hill stations in Gujarat- Saputara is snuggled in the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats. Saputara is an old-fashioned tiny hill station in the Dang district of Gujarat. Prevalent for lavish green forests, rippling mountains, alluring waterfalls, wistful winding roads and is thus favourite amongst tourists. It is located at a height of 875 metres above sea level and is a picture-perfect escape for eco-lovers, nature enthusiasts and individuals who love adventure sports. Saputara is Gujarat’s only hill station. A tribal abode, Saputara stems its name from the snake God implored by the tribal populace in the civic.
Saputara literally means habitat of serpents and the tribal of this region worship snakes, particularly during Holi. It is a stunning hilly region supplemented with huge greenery contribution splendid panorama, a tribal ethos of a diverse sort and great trekking occasions.
Places to visit in Saputara are:
• Artist Village
• Hatgadh Fort
• Vansda National Park
• Sunrise and sunset point
• Saputara lake
• Gira Falls
• Purna wildlife sanctuary
• Museum
• Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
• Townview Point
• Step Garden
• Forest log hut
• Echo point
• Rose Garden
• Honey Bees Centre
• Don hill station
• Lake garden
Saputara is the beautiful and the only hill station rooted in Gujarat. It is a place that is mostly visited by the people who look for a bit of change from their routine lifestyle. It is one of the most beautiful places that is based on height. Located at a height on the mountain the shape takes curls as if that of a snake.

Best time to visit Saputara is between November to February
There are many stunning places to visit in Saputara, however, it is the only hill station people love sticking amidst the clouds and the forests. It rejuvenates them for juggling the later part of their survival. It is more scenic and gods own place.
In winter, at the tumble of dawn, you can trek up to the Gandhi Shikhar as the river of light cleanses the streams over rolling mountains and the nomadic birds, into an enchanted dance of arising. In rains, blow in the rolling hills of Saputara, reverberating green hues, opulent with flowers, and watch the contemplating rain drops sedentary still on slanted leaves.

Saputara- Hill station
Saputara- Hill station

Artist village
Just a rare kilometres away from Satpura lake near Nasik road lies an attractive village which displays enormous objects of Bamboo, garments and many supplementary things.
The key tribals of the township Bhil, Kunbi and warli are fine identified for their generosity. Apart from purchasing their gorgeous artworks, you can also get into workshops to create somewhat different and get to recognize the artist in you and their philosophy even better.
Hatgadh Fort
This isolated fort built by the Maratha ruler Shivaji is a flawless spot for lessening and to hold in the charming panorama as the gust caress your glad faces.
Hatgadh fort is located 5 Km away from the Satpura lake and is in a rundown state and is idolized due to the loneliness and serenity it bids.

Saputara- Hill station
Saputara- Hill station

Vansda wildlife park
Interleaved in between the Sahyadri ranges, lies this well-maintained wildlife park straddling over an area of about 24 sq kilometres. It is known as Vansda as it was once privately possessed by the Maharaja of Vansda. Not a sole tree has been bowdlerized since then. Owing to this, in some places, the shelters are so thick that sunshine does not pass through. It is an open park, and you can effortlessly get a permit if you want to sightsee it in your own vehicle.
Saputara lake
An attractive and peaceful known for boating and the lush green and colourful garden on both sides of it. It is best visited in the morning for walks to relish some diplomatic time.
You can pick to visit Saputara museum which displays the lifestyle, ethos and past of people of Dang, the majority of which are Adivasis.
Saputara is an enchanting place to relax and enjoy the time by joining hands with nature.
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