You and me in this beautiful world!

Before and always, I felt, does he really love me?

The question that nagged, kept me hovering

Seeing the couples showering gifts and love,

I always thought does he really love me?

I waited and waited until I realized.

Love is not being told nor exasperated

It is not voiced but sensed

I felt in your warmth when you roused to see I am okay

I felt when you took charge of kids on my tiring day

Love is not buying benevolences but little of loving which you unknowingly show

Those sacrifices you made just to see smile on my face

Love is choosing family over your friends

Love is making me laugh till my belly hurts

Those words that abet me to follow my passion

Living career I always lamented but you boosted me when I needed

Your love is not a mirage but a tree that I most obligated.

It is the time to tell you that I love you

Because the paradise you made is after all for me and you.


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