Theme Reveal- Blogchatter AtoZ challenge 2021


Participating in A to Z is easy but pulling out the end is like working fingers to the bone. All who participated earlier will agree with me. So, fasten your seat belts guys if you have blown the conch for setting off your #blogchatterAtoZ challenge. Blog chatter helped me acquire my lifelong dream of being an Author. I released my Amazon best seller book #Aapnu Gujarat. Not only that, the Gujarat government honoured me with the Best Food and Travel writer award. So, it is a fact that you dream it and you achieve it. Guys get equipped with all your blood, sweat and tears. With the same spirit amidst the hassle of yes and no of participating, I am finally ready to take a plunge for my next season of blog chatter AtoZ challenge.

Every place has a vibe and every place has a story to tell.

Theme Reveal

I know it would be tough
I know it would be frantic
I know days would be shorter
And an owl in me would be larger
My house would be frying pan
My family would survive on bread and jam
But, Blogchatter means a lot
Coz, it makes me feel my worth
I am what I am
I will achieve it, that’s what I dream!


I am a travel freak and so my posts whether it be stories, blogs, posts, articles, mostly revolve some or the other way round travelling, if not completely it would have a dash of it. Travel broadens the mind. I feel that we are not trees and we have legs. We are made to move so we should explore places. Nonetheless, we should give importance to our roots before heading to other countries. Well, the corona has made us realize that. Admire your roots, that’s what I preach. Keeping in mind the same thing this year of 2021, my theme would be worth a bar of gold for everyone. Let’s get into our roots, into our culture. India has a culture that no other country has. India has a story to tell that no fresh land on Earth can express. Diversity is what we have and we should respect that. I feel that every place has a vibe and every place has a story to tell. As in, I take pride in saying that I live under the same sun Lord Krishna lived. He watched the same sun and moon I am watching. Well, every place has a vibe that has its energy and has its own story to tell. Whenever I visit a place, I get the vibe and energy of the place. If I get juggled up with it, I just dig the lava out of the mountain by probing the statistics the way I get. This season, I will bring forth the stories, the history, vibes and the energy of those places. It would be off beaten places and I am sure to turn into a travel geek if you stick by my posts. Which place? I would not reveal that now. Wait for the bang day!

So, don’t send my posts to Coventry! Coz, you miss it you regret it!


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