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God you really exist!


Made people stay home, who had not stayed home ones in a while,

Folks started playing the games they played in their childhood,

Took out the carom boards and play cards which were lying somewhere in the corner of the attic

The world started taking a U-turn. God, you really exist.

Love you, God, you showed the right path to the lost man.

You brought him back to his roots and back watching the shows he watched in his childhood.

You gave him a slow down pill in this fast running life

You proved that speed breakers are necessary to take a breath.

You showed them how to breathe and you showed that God you really exist.

You showed that animals do have the right to exist as much as a man do

Stopped the killing by locking him indoors.

News channels are right way free airing ‘Stay home’ continuously

God helped the man move the right track

Holding finger and droving him indoors, asked him to stay calm and enjoy the road

I can do everything is just a myth because you made him believe that God exist

Take time and breathe and take a break because birds want to air the space

You showed that you are the superpower.

Showed them your power when necessary cause menacing with your creation is not worthy

God, you really do exist.

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