Short Stories

When he spoke that word!

My childs first

“Things will not change and I will never forget what defame you have brought to our family”, said my father in law and Rishi did nothing apart from lowering his head in respect of not counter answering him. It was a love marriage that made Rishi go against the wave of arranged marriage in his family and almost that made him unacceptable by members. Being a conservative family, it was unacceptable for them to accept the new member which was from another caste into their home. However, Rishi was adamant enough to have me accepted by his family members. Rishi supported me to the core as I wanted the love back for Rishi and myself. Deep down inside I hold myself responsible for grabbing away love of Rishi’s family from him. I loved Rishi to the core and there was no option left than to get married without the consent of the family members. Being accepted by his obdurate elders was next to impossible. However, family members did not accept me and ignored Rishi as well. Despite all the obliviousness, we decided to stay with his family and elders. Being brought up in a family where elders were valued the most, we never wanted to ignore them and start a new life. Instead, we made every effort to gain their love back.

It was not so long and I confirmed Rishi about the two lines on the pregnancy test. “It is a boy”, yelled doctor and Rishi’s happiness knew no bound. Those tiny hands with long fingers, little chubby cheeks that resembled the happiness of the sky when the Sun is rising, hair that was as thick as Amazon forest and adored his chubby cheeks. Strangers too waited to peep in and watch his cornered eyes that pour nothing but happiness. The sight of my boy was unavoidable. We thought we might be able to win our family back through this new entrant in our life. However, we were not that successful as Rishis father was too adamant to show his love.

Riaan started sitting and crawling and it was no sooner he spoke his first word- ’Dada’. No sooner did he speak those words and my father in law was around and he couldn’t control himself. Love of sons son broke all the hatred and loved his dada back for his mom and dad. He came rushing towards Rian and hold him by his hands that trembled. Tears just dribbled down both corners of his eyes and corners of his lips touched his eyes. He grabbed the little one and watched him for half an hour without saying a single word. All the family members just gave a round of applause to the situation and cried in happiness. Rishi and I were the most loved members of the family and I would never forget the first word of my son which made us gain what we couldn’t for a year!

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