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Blogchatter involves writing up a post daily leading to 26 posts a month. That itself seems fascinating and comes forth as a challenge for the bloggers around the globe.Gujarat is famous all over the planet for ample of things. Let it be food, clothes, people, business or place. Variety is the thing you will get to see when you visit this stunning place on earth. With augmentation in the earnings and women empowerment, more members of the family have started earning and it has resulted in more spending and as result standard of living has increased to a high level. With these comes luxurious holiday packages ones, the vacation is at the verge of stepping in.

Covering the western coast of the nation, it has various destinations that fascinate the sightseers and various spaces that are still marvellous yet unmapped by the masses. This year’s theme would be based on exploring the places that are grounded in Gujarat, marvellous, captivating and yet unexplored. It is not always essential to spend thousands and lakhs of bucks to get that peace and serenity. We need to break this trend and experience the beauty that is nowhere but near you. With the break of the rampant situation prevailing due to the disease spread worldwide, people are getting back to their roots and giving more rank to the places where they belong.  India is marvellous and it has been outstanding since ages, however with the onset of global reach, westernization has started graving its roots in our culture and life of folks. 

I would be writing on twenty-six such stunning places that are yet less or entirely unexplored. Gujarat is the place that is pure, tranquil and has some of the other historical connections. Let us retrograde again, away from hustle and bustle of the cities. Let us explore our self. Let us get back to our origins and explore the places where we are destined by birth.

Get equipped to reconnoitre the exceptionality of Gujarat! Blogchatter is one such platform that gives me immense pleasure to write my mind.

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