Ahmedabad- India’s first UNESCO world heritage site

Ahmedabad World heritage site
Ahmedabad- World heritage site

AHMEDABAD has emblazoned its name as the first UNESCO world heritage site. However, are you aware of the famous tale that goes behind the establishment of the city by Badshah Ahmed. There is an age-old saying that goes, “JAB KUTTE PAR SASSA AYA, TAB BADSHAH NE SHEHR BASAYA”. This is the story that laid the foundation of the Ahmedabad city. It is the largest city of Gujarat state. Now you must be eager to know the saying and the tale behind it. Once Ahmed Badshah was taking a walk on the banks of the river Sabarmati. Sultan Ahmed the founder of the city and on whose name the city is named saw a Rabbit chasing a dog. He was quite impressed and a thought flashed in his mind. He was quite enthralled with the rabbit’s courage and wondered that the place is too powerful as a mere timid Rabbit has the guts to chase a dog. He located the place and named it Ahmedabad. Old Sage Dadhichi lived on the banks of the river Sabarmati where present Ahmedabad is rooted. Traditionally it is called as Amdavad and citizens are known as Amdavadis.

Ahmedabad has flourished a lot with time and again. With its expansion from a walled city, it has blossomed to the old city and extended parts of the city. The old city has ample sites that are declared as world heritage by UNESCO. There are 7 forts and several gates in and around the city and makes it the most culturally vibrant place. To keep the city and the heritage alive Heritage Tour is established by the government. It includes AMC Heritage Walk, Heritage night walk of Ahmedabad, etc. Timings differ and you can take the tour as per your convenience.

Ahmedabad world heritage site








Tour is worth taking and it is organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). Places include
1. Kankaria Lake
2. Sabarmati Riverfront- Most attractive
3. Gandhi Ashram- A must visit
4. Sarkhej Roza
5. Auto World Museum
6. The Kite Museum
7. Bhadrakali Temple in the old city
8. Science city
9. ISKCON Temple
10. Adalaj Vav
11. Akshardham Temple- One of a kind
12. Dada Harir’s Vav and
13. Kalupur Swaminarayan temple and many more

World-famous Kite Festival

Ahmedabad world heritage site
International Kite Flying Festival








Master Kite flyers from all over the world get together to show their skills at kite flying. Different kinds, types and sizes of kites are demonstrated by the flyers showing their unique creation. Visiting this festival is an eye-soothing experience and folks wait round the year to satiate their buds of watching kites flying in the festival right from the monster size to the size of a palm. Dates are usually around the kite festival- Makarsankranti i.e 14th of January every year. Government has made easy trips to and fro for the citizens who would like to enjoy the international kite-flying festival in ahmedabad.

Flower show- One of a kind

AhmedabadFlower Show
Ahmedabad Flower Show








This is an exceptional flower show with a live display of flower of around 750 species spread on the Sabarmati riverfront. Various unique sculptures and artefacts are made representing the unique culture and heritage of India. Theme differs every year, however, the collection of flowers just awes any being. It is held as a part of the Gujarat Summit and thus trying to bring people close to nature and mother earth. People have welcomed the flower show with zeal and enthusiasm. Every year lakhs of people visit the show.

The government makes special arrangements for visitors who would like to visit the flower show. It usually takes place in January and entry tickets which is minimal can be purchased from the location itself.


Food in ahmedabad
Fafda Jalebi








Lastly but not least, it is impossible to separate food from the Gujarat and Gujarati. People usually enjoy by hanging around in the bars and discos in the world around however, Gujarat being a dry state people have found a different way out. You will find restaurants and hotels at every nook and corner. Right from the desi kathiawadi style ranging it to any Arabian style food will be available in Ahmedabad. Food is the heart and soul of Gujaratis. Jalebi Fafda is a must which every Gujarati relishes on the weekend.

Ahmedabad Thali
Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad








Various mind-boggling places would show you the rich culture of the place and the kindness of the people. Places like Gordhan Thal, Rajwadu, Vishalla are some of the authentic places providing desi Gujarati food with a tint of respect, care and personal touch.

Try reaching out to this place and you will come to know the gusto and passion with which people live here. You will find an atmosphere of comfort that you would have not found anywhere else in the world. You are always welcome for more details. If you have any queries regarding the place or would like to know more, you can comment and I will reply to it.

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