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    Outstanding Lothal

      Lothal is an outstanding popular destination, which was a part of ancient Indus valley civilization. It is 4500 years old city discovered in 1954. Although the place is not as blooming as it once used to be, the fairy-tale of the ruins is sufficient to tell you the colourful stories about the lives and lifestyle of the people who populated this place once upon a time. This place is full of astonishments and grips a great deal of ancient consequence. Lothal was not only amongst one of the early effective evolution but was also a hub of industrialisation connecting dissimilar nations. Due to its captivating diggings and dramatic unearthing,…

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    Blogchatter Theme reveal A to Z challenge

      Blogchatter involves writing up a post daily leading to 26 posts a month. That itself seems fascinating and comes forth as a challenge for the bloggers around the globe.Gujarat is famous all over the planet for ample of things. Let it be food, clothes, people, business or place. Variety is the thing you will get to see when you visit this stunning place on earth. With augmentation in the earnings and women empowerment, more members of the family have started earning and it has resulted in more spending and as result standard of living has increased to a high level. With these comes luxurious holiday packages ones, the vacation…