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Lothal is an outstanding popular destination, which was a part of ancient Indus valley civilization. It is 4500 years old city discovered in 1954. Although the place is not as blooming as it once used to be, the fairy-tale of the ruins is sufficient to tell you the colourful stories about the lives and lifestyle of the people who populated this place once upon a time. This place is full of astonishments and grips a great deal of ancient consequence. Lothal was not only amongst one of the early effective evolution but was also a hub of industrialisation connecting dissimilar nations. Due to its captivating diggings and dramatic unearthing, Lothal is most popular among historians and archaeologists.
Lothal has had a rich and vibrant history. It has been one of the most thriving and progressive cities of the past. The city of Lothal was discovered in 1955 after the partition of India and Pakistan in the year 1947 when the spots of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro became a part of Pakistan. Lothal is supposed to be a commercial hub which had trade links with Mesopotamia Egypt and Persia. Lothal also had a thriving pottery industry and the beads made here were well-known all over the world. The well-organized drainage structure was the highpoint of this place.

Excavation Site
The site of Lothal will take you 4500 years back and you will be able to see the flourishing city which it once was through the wrecks that remain at the place. The ruins still grasp the same historical consequence and that is where you would know the past.

1. Well
2. Dockyard
3. Citadel
4. Warehouse
5. Houses
6. Bead Maker’s Factory
7. Drainage System

The sanitation and hygiene facilities of the drainage system in Lothal is splendid keeping in mind the time during which it was created.
This place is full of wonders and you are bound to be amazed by the progress that the people of Lothal had made 4500 years ago. This place will help to explore and learn about one of the earliest civilizations and about the day to day life to people. This place is ideal for taking a break and going back in time. Make sure to plan at least a visit here
Lothal is an excavated site situated in Bhal region in Dholka of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Lothal is one of the flourishing cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization and among the finest historical sites in the state of Gujarat.


Factually called ‘Mound of the Dead’, this antique and deserted ruined city of Lothal provides a charming insight into the life of the Harappan culture and the Indus Valley Civilization. The excavation work here commenced in the year 1955.
Like other cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, Lothal too had an intense architecture and also town planning. Diggings have revealed that the town was separated into two parts. The upper part of the acropolis was where the ruler and other important people of the city lived while the lower part was meant for the common people

Lothal has relished the status of being the foremost centre of trade in previous times. It was aggressively involved in the trade of beads, gems and exclusive ornaments that were spread to West Asia and Africa. Pottery was added flourishing industry. The ruins of a fire altar suggest that the people of Lothal worshipped the fire god and also the sea god.

lothal museum
lothal museum

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has set up an exceptional museum in 1976 here, where one can take a guise at the numerous Indus-era antiquities. The Museum has three galleries, a detailed map and also a scaled model of Lothal. The museum houses the objects found from the sites like mirrors of bronze and copper, punctured and painted potteries, toy bullock carts, beads, jewelry and a variety of objects made from stone, and shells. The museum also displays seals from countries like Bahrain, terracotta figures from Sumeria, and objects from Egypt.
Lothal is a site to visit especially if you are a history lover and would love to check the lifestyle of the people who stayed on this earth thousands of years ago.
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