Hastibibi no gokhlo- Golden feather in the history of Ahmedabad

Beneath the Earth and absorbed in the dust, their lies the history in Ahmedabad that has words beyond. Soak yourself in the magical healings of the folks who ones upon a time walked on the same Earth as you do now. Bringing in front of one such story of a 530-year-old ‘gokhlo’, a small construction, a small hole that has blessings in abundance. Widely known as ‘Hastibibi no gokhlo’. Healing power that can cure kids till date. Have you ever heard a simple smile has healing powers? In the splendid history of Ahmedabad, there lived a lady who had healing powers in plenty. It is said that she was blessed with the magical hand that could heal kids. She was the one who always wore a smile on her face. So why should we believe in Magical Ginnie and fairies around when we have a magical world already woven by our ancestors?

Me with hastibi no gohklo

Ahmed Shah Badshah and his kingdom

Ahmed Shah Badshah surely would have been kind of a king who was desperate enough to revolutionize things and intricate his tag in the history of mankind. During his reign, his progeny was blessed with powers, let’s not say only powers but marvellous powers. One such being was the woman with a smile. Any guesses? Hasti bibi was her name. There is a small gokhlo – a small hole that still vibes with her energy and is still believed to provide healing to ailing kids.  Isn’t it splendid? Who was Hastibibi then?

Hastibibi no gokhlo in kalupur
Hastibibi no gokhlo in kalupur


Hasti bibi and her history

Hasti bibi always wore a smile on her face and whenever she used to put her hands-on ailing kids, the illness used to vanish like smoke in the air. As said, ‘Hath rakhi ne duva apta ane bachu hasva lagtu’. (ill kid started smiling ones she blessed him/her). Despite any religion, she used to bless kids irrelevant of caste, religion or creed.  Hasti bibi was the lady who looked after the son in law of Ahmed Shah Badshah. The place where this small ‘Gokhlo’ (hole) is located used to be forest ubiquitously. A small hole that has incense stick burning in the remembrance of the Hasti bibi is a sight to behold. Till date, folks believe in the superpower and healing hands of Hasti bibi and innumerable kids have healed just by visiting and bowing in front of the small hole. It is still believed that the place where Hastibibi used to heal kids is blessed and the air the particles still carry her blessings and healing energy.

Ahmedshah badshah's damad
Tomb of Ahmedshah badshah’s damad

Peaceful Hasti bibi and her tomb in the chaotic Kalupur street

Tomb of Hastibibi
Tomb of Hastibibi


Hardly anyone would be aware of the place apart from the small hole that is based amidst the jostle of Kalupur in Ahmedabad. In the busy street of Kalupur and hustle and bustle of the city, lies peacefully, Hasti bibi along with several other folks of the kingdom. A beautiful tomb that has green chaddar over it is the tomb of Hasti bibi. The place is too peaceful and is sure to take you back 500 years back. The tomb is 530 years old. Do you believe this? When you come across places that have history engraved in it, you tend to live those moments. You tend to live the scene of Hasti bibi blessing kids and in return, kids leave a beautiful playful smile to her. She was pure, pious and never expected anything in return. Visiting this place was a blessing for me and I could feel the aroma of incense, I could feel the piousness the air carried and not to forget the amity that stroked just at the sight of the tomb.

Other relatives lying peacefully
Other relatives lying peacefully

While I was busy enjoying the peace at the sight and was engulfing the magical spells and piousness around, I could spot kids and their parents bowing down to seek blessings. When you visit this place, don’t forget to visit the tomb of Hasti bibi, Son in Law of Ahmed Shah Badshah and relatives just lying peacefully 100 meters away from the ‘Hastibibi no gokhlo’. Amidst this chaos everywhere we tend to forget concord of harmony in religion lying. Hastibibi no gokhlo is one such place that shows peace and harmony that Ahmedabad carries. This small hole always aroused a kind of attraction towards it while I was a kid and I could feel an instant connection. You see, that is Ahmedabad.

Aslambhai near tomb
Aslambhai near tomb

When you can visit this place.

As such you can visit ‘Hastibibi no gokhlo’ small place anytime you want for blessings, however, on Thursdays between 4 to 9 and you would meet Maulana who still carries out the blessings and healings powers that Hasti bibi offered. Don’t forget to carry a rose in the form of offering. This is the place where she used to sit to offer blessings carrying the eternal smile on her face.

Family seeking blessings of Hastibibi
Family seeking blessings



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    Wow 530 years old, that’s amazing. I have never been to Hastibibi no gokhlo but would definitely wish to go. I will make sure I add it to my list.

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    I live in ahmedabad and kalupur is close to me. Yes there are many places I haven’t visited more over I wasn’t aware one of them is hastibibi no gokhlo. Right now I’m in Delhi for a week but once I’m back I can visit there on a weekend. I really loved the history though, so much positivity!

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    Hansa Kajaria

    Wow. You have shared with us a beautiful piece of history that comes with so much power that it still shows its wonder after nearly 500 yrs. I will remember this name and surely visit it when ever we plan to travel to ahmedabad.
    Loved how you took us back in history to tell us about Hastibibi and her healing powers.

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    I also heard somewhere that Hastibibi no gokhlo is a magical place where kids are cured. Thanks for sharing detailed information about this place.

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