Teen Darwaza and its history- Ahmedabad

Teen Darwaza Ahmedabad is one of the historical monuments of the city. Old Ahmedabad is a place and it has a history that every wall of the place yells. Teen Darwaja is rooted in the Easternmost part of the famous Bhadra Fort. Buzzing the entire day, the fort beholds a magical view and place that buzzes for the entire day. Amidst all the hustle and bustle there lays the magnificent history of the Fort, teen Darwaza and the lamp that is burning unstoppable in the past 600 years at a stretch! A world-class market that shows cases every sort of product. You think of it and you get it there at the cheapest rate and good quality too! What else do we want? But you got to have that bargaining bug in you. If not, then trust you are going to repent whole your life. Narrow lanes, old fort, mosques, old city, Bhadra kali temple, history of the gates, walls, diyas is what Ahmedabad has to show you. There are ample of places to visit in Ahmedabad and near Teen Darwaza. It is a part of old city. AMC holds a city guided tour for the same.

Lamp of Hope
Lamp of Hope
Teen Darwaza- Lamp of Hope (Akhand Diya)
Do you know the history behind the lamp of hope! Well, hold your seats because it is going to grab all of your attention. I am going to take you back for 600 years! So, here we go! History of the Lamp of Hope that burns day in and out in the Darwaza itself is mesmerizing. You must be well aware of the history and the roots of the Ahmedabad city. If not, you can read my post on Ahmedabad. Well known among locals as Teen Darwaza, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.The story behind the Lamp of Hope
Teen Darwaza
teen darwaza
This is the best example of cross-culture and the unity amongst them. This Diya is lit for 600 years by a Muslim family. A guard named Khwaja Siddique served as a guard of teen Darwaza. He was a royal guard and had huge responsibilities. Ones while Goddess Lakshmi was about to leave the place, Khawaja Siddhique stopped her and asked for her to stay put until he takes permission from the king. He asked Goddess Lakshmi to not go until he returns with the message from the kind and Goddess Lakhsmi agreed to him. He could make out from her divinity that she was no one else but Goddess Lakshmi herself. He never wanted his kingdom to fall prey to poverty and dearth. So, he asked his king to behead him so that he could never return to his place. He never returned and it is said that goddess Lakshmi is still waiting for the guard to return to his place. Since Goddess Lakshmi is believed to standing there for the guard to return, the place has never seen any sort of poverty of scarcity. Abundance in the form of happiness and wealth flows like rivers. Manek chowk is a famous Souq for gold and silver merchants and there is tons of transaction of gold and silver day in and out.A place of history, versatility and abundance is what is enclosed in the city beneath the ‘teen Darwaza’. Other gates have a similar history as Teen Darwaza. History has a power to relive and this lives in the form of folklores that gets transferred fr
Family that lights diya
Family that lights diya
om generation to generation.
Diya was lightened by Mirza who was considered to be the descendent of the Khawaja Siddique. Later, after his demise, his lineage has happily taken this task and promised to follow and pass on the same. This diya that is burning for more than 600 years now is lightened as it is believed that Goddess Lakhsmi resides there. Oil Diya along with some roses and fragrance is offered.
Devnagri script on darwaza
Devnagri script on darwaza
A wonderful story that as those who are aware of this fact surely accepts the presence of divinity in the small cavity of the Darwaza. Gujarat is a place of history, royalty, folklores, divinity and also a unity of religion. A place not to be missed. This teen Darwaza also holds the famous temple of Bhadra kali that has divinity and mysticism of its own. The lamp stands as testimony to happiness and integrity of Ahmedabad. One of the darawaza has scriptures in devnagri script which stats that Daughter should have equal share in father’s property. This depicts the feminism and daughter’s significance existed hundreds of years ago as well. It was strictly observed too.
Well, Ahmedabad will surely leave you in awe and the history is such that it kicks the modern thinking of this 21st century where women and folks have still to fight for their rights somehow.I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa Campaign.


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