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When Akshay Kumar called me

Phone miss connections and wrong numbers are no less and we are well aware of incidences where either it has landed the receiver into trouble or probably transformed their life incessantly. We have seen abundant of movies that show the entire track of the movie based on the wrong phone number received. A fey guy ends up calling a wrong number and they end up in a relationship that alters the entire course of their life. One such incident landed on our accentuated landline number (as we all know landline numbers are more prone to such incidences).

The clock ticked 2 PM and it was time for a nap for my one and half-year-old monster. It is not easy to nurture two brats, trust me. I had my elder daughter rolling around the house jumping and jacking. When online classes are over (thanks to a pandemic for giving us this privilege of not being alone at all) brats are no less than possessed wolfs who meanders out eager to hunt whatever they get their hands on. My mind has nothing much to do apart from just discerning ideas to keep them busy the entire day. (Never knew my Bachelors in engineering contained this syllabus too). Tring, Tring,tringgggg phone yelled while my son was just about to dose off. Imprecations started flowing generously to the caller from bottom of my heart. In haste, I asked my jumping jack to receive the phone. She obeys sometimes and thank god she answered the call. After juggling for few moments here and there I could notice her deliberated face. “Yes, she answered. “Sorry, What, okay, but”. She faltered.  I could see her flustered expressions but all I wanted was pin-drop silence as I never wanted to trade my ME time even for meeting Trump on this Earth. Well, who is it?  Heer, please hurry up and tell the caller that Mumma will call back.”

“But, Mumma”, she regained. “But, Mumma listen to me, It is some Akshay Kumar speaking”.

“My eyes widened and I didn’t care for the younger ones for a moment now”. “What did you say?”

Koi Akshay Kumar bole che (Akshay Kumar is speaking) and he wants to speak to you”. Her words gave me goosebumps and I lost control. Ears rattled with her last words.


Her words gave me goosebumps and I lost control.

Ears rattled with her last words.


I asked her to keep an eye on the little one and rushed to grab the receiver adjusting my voice before answering the call.

“Hello (with the sweetest voice I could ever answer),

“Hello”, came the reply.

“Yes” I said and lost myself in the dreamland for a second before regaining the consciousness

“Hello, Medeeemmmm, Is it APTECH COMPUTERS? My entire dreamland was shattered with the most hilarious laughter in the background (that too of Akshay Kumar).

“Wrong numberrrrr”, I yelled before placing the receiver back to its holder.

Kids are disastrous at any time. They have that capability of shattering you physically and mentally at any point of time.


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