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Don’t make the decision for your child

We, as parent of 21st century want our children to ace in every aspect of life, be it sports, studies or any field. We, deliberately or not take verdicts for our children and show our supremacies on them. First and foremost thing as parent we should understand that children are not our property. They came through us in this world. Being a parent is bringing them into this world and that job is done. So we should understand that we should not subjugate them. If we treat them as our property or as our future investment, we as parent are creating delinquent situation which we might pay not today but later, but, for sure.

It may sound rude but it is true. We want out children to be attached to us. We want them to guide in each and every small or big turn they come across. We don’t liberate them. We bond them with us with a thick chain of bondage which is difficult to release. We don’t set them free or let them use their own brain anywhere. Let it be a little and simple project in school. We make them dependent on us. Ask for their ideas and don’t push your ideas on them.

Independence is important

Dont you want your kid to be better than you

It’s a fact. No one on earth would want their child to be like them. We want our child to be at least one step better than us. Isn’t it? Who one earth would repeat same things time and again? Something better than us should happen. Be it anybody, you name around and ask them. A doctor, an engineer, or any astronaut would also want their children to be better than them. We always strive in giving children all the luxuries, which is the biggest gaffe we, as parent are making. Let them make mistake and learn from their mistake. It is the best way they will not recap the same mistake again. Directly teaching them without understanding is nothing but slow poison, which will eventually spoil their life. They will learn without any interest and that will land them up nowhere.

We are not their boss

This is one important point that needs some of the attention. We see our children as our audience. They are the one who listens to us all the time. “Wash your hands after coming home”, “Go and do your homework”, “Eat that veggies”, “Don’t shout”, “Go and study”, “Go and play”, “Don’t watch TV”, etc. I guess bosses in offices would be less commanding than us, Isn’t it? It is very necessary to behave properly in front of children.

Children don’t learn what you teach but watch your behavior and learn

It is very essential to behave appropriately in front of children. Especially, one to three years of toddlers is the best graspers. They grasp each and every movement and each and every behaviour of yours. They don’t learn what you teach them, they see you and learn every second from you. Behaving and correcting yourself where necessary is the best way of educating your child. They will be your replica when they grow up. They have a tremendous sense of observation.

You have got time only till they enter their teens

You can educate, teach and bring out a responsible citizen off your kid only till they are twelve. Ones, they enter their teens all is gone. Overshadowing them will not at all work. Moulding them until twelve will make their teenage move smoothly. It will be better for you and them both. So, be careful.

Children need good company ‘a friend’ and not boss running around whole day

It is very necessary to not boss around them every time. All they need is a friend who listens to them and not one who keeps on giving orders for small and big stuffs. We are not one to give them orders. Being a parent doesn’t give us powers to subsume and rule them for life. Only qualification we have is we are few years more experienced as we came earlier on earth than them and that doesn’t make us more intelligent. It is necessary to guard against any odd and unnecessary advice. They observe so it is necessary to show involvement in life and enjoy what we are doing and it will reflect.

Make them realize and seek their own intelligence

Making them realize and giving them time to work on it they will come and seek your help when and where necessary or else they will rebel. They will do reverse of what they are bossed from parents, just to feel independent. Treat them as one more person and not your property. Understand and enjoy the privilege of them in the form of your child. Create an atmosphere to grow and don’t bring up the way you want them to be. Handling it sensibly is the best gift we can give to children and protect them from wrong influences around the society.


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