When RaGa distributes INR 72000 and I will be next kaam wali bai

Switched the TV on which I hardly do and the news channel popped up due to blessings of head of the family, who is a big fan of news channels. No big devotee of politics I rifled for remote which took a while as the remote stand in my house is just for ornamental purpose. “We will wipe out poverty from India. I promise there will be justice and poorest people will be given 72,000 each annually,” RaGa added. More masala with loud hammering bangs was repeated by my husband’s favorite reporter. Distributing money to the poor is good thing, I thought. On good occasions we normally do it. Especially to the house hold helps. Wait a minute. If RaGa would distribute money, who would come to do my house hold chores? My house hold help would be first one to run away with such wonderful benefits. Oh well, handing over the candy straight away without letting the kid know the importance of how it is bought is a different story, which I would not be discussing here. I am in sheer fear as I can see myself in the role of next Kaam wali bai doing all the clean ups and utensils wiping all the perspiration off my forehead. Well, addressing all the ladies, I would say, “Think about it and divide your house work amongst yourself and your husband.” Well, I have my list on hand. Split up your work and prepared a list of work to be done by you and your husband.  Oh well, there is one appeal to RaGa, if you are giving such a wonderful amount annually, please look out for our glitches too.


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