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How to make mouth watering fudge


Fudge and holidays make a nice combination. Doesn’t your mouth water when you see that fudge displayed in the shop. If yes, then you are on the right page. Here is the fantastic easy way of making cream cranberry pistachio fudge.

  1. Ingredients:
  2. Condensed milk : 400 gm
  3. White chocolate : 3 cups ( 546 gm)
  4. vanilla extract : 1 tsp
  5. dried cranberries: 1 cup (120 gm)
  6. Pistachios slightly salted :3/4 cup (92 gm)


  • Melt white chocolate at 300 degree temperature in microwave for 30 seconds. (make sure to cut equal pieces for smooth melt)
  • Roast dry fruits before using
  • There is no need to roast cranberry

  • After gathering and preparing the necessary ingredients, grease the tray in which you are making the fudge
  • After melting the chocolate, add milk maid and give a nice stir to mix it well
  • Make sure each and every ingredient should be at room temperature
  • Add cranberries, pistachios to the mixture.
  • Add this stage you can add vanilla extract.
  • Set in the tray that is greased and layer it well.
  • Set it aside in the fridge for 30 minutes
  • You cranberry pistachio fudge is ready to relish.

Children love the most. You not give it a try today.


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