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    Gandhi nu Gaam in Kutch – A village that stood the test of time

    It was that murky day of 26th January 2001, I was sitting there learning for my exams and my house started crackling and bursting. Unable to understand what it was, I heard cries and shouts outside my house. It was a massive earthquake. Gujarat was struck by the upsetting earthquake and everything was scattered into tits and bits. Not only belongings but living beings too. Affected by this gargantuan natural anger, was one village in Kutch called Ludiya. It was wholly shattered into pieces and it was problematic to get that intact. An NGO from Ahmedabad joined hands together with the people of the village and established the village again.

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    Liberating Shatrunjaya hills

    Liberating Shatrunjaya hills are the pilgrimage places for one amongst the Indian religions, the Jains. Jains have erected a large number of temples, especially at Palitana where construction has taken 900 years. The entire Shatrunjaya hill is holy and the climb takes an hour or two. In-between this climb no food is allowed by pilgrims who climb. Every Jain aims to make the ascent at least once as part of the voyage to Nirvana. It has 900 of the 3000 temples in the Shatrunjaya hills and is the most imperative pilgrimage tirtha for the Jains. Shatrunjaya is hills located in the city of Palitana. Palitana is a part of Bhavnagar…