Dynamic sacrifice of Sheikh Ladhasa Pir – Foundation of Kutch fort

Kutch has a mammoth history underneath its Mud that keeps on quaking. But, do you know the chronicle behindhand? It is all because of Sheikh Laddhasa Pir. Now, there would be an uncertainty? Who is Sheikh Laddhasa Pir? What has he to do with Kutch? India has an outstanding past. Kutch is no keister. Kutchis are famed for their perseverance and dedication of their sacrifice for their soil.

History of how the Fort was built

Ravshree Khengarji I made bhuj the capital on 1605 AD. And later on, obviously as per the rule, the elder son rules the kingdom whereas the younger one gets the land. Kingdom was always ruled by the elder son who was known as ‘Tilat’, whereas the younger one who got the land was known as ‘Fataya’. This was the rule in Kutch during the reign of ‘Jadejas’. Jadejas ruled Kutch for many centuries. There is one spellbinding episode that ensued which upturned the future of Kutch. The name of the brave human was Sheikh Ladhasa Pir.

He asked the king that the sacrifice of a being who has all the thirty-two Gunas (attributes) is mandatory to build the fort.

Story and the incident

Maharav Desalji, son of Ravshree Khengarji I wanted to build the fort of Bhuj to protect from the attacks from other kingdoms. For making this possible anyhow, his highness invited old and young, rich and poor, saints and asked for their proposal. Amongst all the invites was Pirshri Somnathji from Jinodhar Jagir. Kundali was always checked before initiating any auspicious work to complete it without any hassle. Pirshri Somnathji saw Kundali of Bhuj city and asked to start the work for building the Fort. However, the chakra for the column of the fort was not setting in and work was not getting started at any cost. King and the rest of the individuals were apprehensive. Mahant Guruji of Poshal Jagir was present there and he knew Jyotishi well. He asked the king that the sacrifice of a being who has all the thirty-two Gunas (attributes) is mandatory to build the fort. Later on, after learning this, the king of Kutch broadcasted the sacrificial prerequisite and asked a person despite any caste creed to come forward for this work. But days past and none arrived. King got worried.

he saw a man arriving sitting on a bull.

King had a ritual of worshipping Rudramata temple located 15 km away from Bhuj. He always visited Devi whenever he faced any adverse situation and he was not left unanswered anytime. He visited the temple with the expectation of receiving an answer. No sooner he visited, Devi appeared in his dream guiding him about the man who would arrive from the North direction in black attire. Maharav lost his sleep and the next day while he was waiting in the North direction, he saw a man arriving sitting on a bull. He readily showed his eagerness to sacrifice his own life for the sake of the kingdom. The name of this brave person was Sheikh Ladhhasa.

The gathering was held at Patvadi Naka in Bhuj. Ladhasa sheikh sacrificed his life with his own hands. He is worshipped as Sheikh Ladhasa Pir after his sacrifice. He had four other brothers in his family and he was the youngest. Sumrasar village was given to the lineage of Sheikh Ladhasa pir. To date, the village is known as Sheikhvari Sumrasar after him.

Kutch is an example of the unity of Hindu and Muslim. I have seen Muslims and Hindus rub shoulders in any situation. This is the brave story of a stone laid for the Fort of Bhuj. For, more such stories click the link below:


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